It's ok Bubaloo, Daddy will be there

Tonight is my first official "event" here at work. We booked a humorist/motivational speaker from Boston to come for the evening and entertain our seniors and caregivers. We are hoping that the program will be an opportunity for them to laugh and also to hear someone speak about overcoming obstacles. Our speaker lost a leg to osteosarcoma at the age of 12 (that's a bone cancer) and despite this, he exudes life. We are calling the program, "Live, Love, Laugh, and Learn." Here's hoping he is as fabulous as we fully expect him to be.

So saying things have been a bit insane this week is quite an understatement. What was I thinking scheduling the christening to occur the weekend before this event? ha ha - dumb dumb dumb!!!

In the middle of last week when I emailed to confirm and ask about last minute details I never heard back from my contact. On Sunday night as I sat awake with my sleepless daughter, I was struck suddenly with the realization that this event had not been confirmed and OH MY GOD what was I going to do??? Eventually all was confirmed, but I have been in a tailspin since, organizing cookie trays for dessert, calling in the dinner order, taking last minute ticket requests, table settings, arranging a hotel room for the speaker, sending directions, discovering that there are not any volunteers available to help out since they are all on the Big E bus trip also happening today. Can we just discuss how much that angers me? The Big E trip has been planned for MONTHS and MONTHS and yet this was the date handed down from the higher ups. I am quite certain that we would have nearly twice as many people attending tonight if the events were not both happening on the same day, really really annoying. So we have nearly 70 people coming, which from what I have been told is a great number, especially since it is getting dark early these days. (Don't laugh, the seniors really are quite fearful of driving at night!) Can we also discuss how maybe my first event should not be the biggest one I will do all year? I don't know the protocol people, I don't know where to find tablecloths and I certainly have no idea how many people a wrap platter will feed. YIKES!!! I am muddling through...

I wish I had a great story about Caroline to share, but in light of my insanity this week at work, I don't. She isn't quite crawling, she didn't say her first word, she is smiling a lot though and this I owe to Steve who not only has provided support (mostly emotional) to me, but has also been so hands on this week, playing with blocks, cuddling, and even reading books. He totally stepped up and without him I would be an absolute basket case. I don't think he gives himself enough credit or realizes what an amazing Dad Caroline has. Steve might have to ask what her dinner is tonight (nectarines and cereal), what time she will need to eat (when she is hungry), or what to do in the off chance that I am held up later than I expect to be (give her a bath and play), but he asks these questions NOT because he doesn't know the answers, but because he understands how sad I am that I cannot be with them tonight and how important it is to me that we stick to her evening routine. He is more than capable of caring for her and without his help tonight I don't know what I would have done. So while I have no story about Caroline, there is a sweet one happening tonight at our house, where Caroline's Dad gets some really special one-on-one time with his baby girl aka Bub/Bubsyboo/Bubaloo. I am quite certain that despite my absence, our house will be filled with her baby giggles and squeals and that makes this all ok. Thanks Babe.


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