Like a momma bird and a veggie rebellion

So that little discussion with Sarah about the sickness?

It went a little like this...

McMomma: (hands over bag, but keeps baby cuddled safely on her shoulder) "I am not sure she is staying."
Daycare Goddess Sarah: "Oh?"
McMomma: "We had quite a weekend. Please tell me to whom I should direct my thanks for the 102 fever and projectile vomit on Friday night?"
Sarah: "Oh, yeah, it's going around."
McMomma: "I feel like I am constantly dropping her off healthy on Tuesday and picking her up sick on Thursday, just to get her healthy again for Tuesday. She had a rough weekend and she doesn't have a fever, but this cough is so awful."
Sarah: "Well, it's up to you." (holds out hands to hold Caroline)
McMomma: "I just don't want to be that parent who drops off their sick kid."
ENTER Michelle: "HA! That is the FIRST time I have heard that."
Sarah: "We got a couple he's sick comments from parents this morning already." (nodding head toward Jack)
McMomma: (stares down Jack, focuses on the germ factory that is Hannah)
Sarah: (follows McMomma gaze to Hannah, nods head in agreement)
McMomma: "Well, I think she feels better than she did, but I worry that she will be needy today."
Sarah: (cringes, but just a bit) "Why don't we see how it goes, if she is really sad or spikes a fever we will call you, or whatever you want to do, it is up to you."
McMomma: "Ok, let's try it, I can get some work done, maybe take a nap, I might come get her on the early side."
Sarah: "Ok, just let us know!"

I love Sarah and Michelle. In fact, the loathing I feel for the sick children's PARENTS in Caroline's classroom is at about the same level as the love I have for Sarah and Michelle. They cancel each other out, I suppose making me feel ehhh about school overall. huh? interesting

Who are these parents? Steve said he has had visual contact with Hannah's mom. I asked him if she too has a nose that drips like a faucet? Or eyes that always seem puffy and irritated? As for Jack, he was hacking up a lung and running repeatedly into the wall during my short discussion with Sarah. Could it be that his mother is AFRAID to spend the day at home with him?? The only way to keep your kid sick free is to keep my kid sick free too, so please do us all a favor and just keep your child at home.

It is going to be a very long winter.

I picked her up around 3 and the two of us took a nice little nap in the family room together all cuddled up in a super soft blanket. It all seemed quite perfect until I opened my eyes momentarily aware of a pool forming on my T-shirt. A pool of sweat. Caroline has inherited both my and Steve's nap sweat gene. Her entire head was soaked as if she had already had her bath! I removed the blanket and shifted her a bit, but poor baby was so warm. She seemed pretty content though, so I went back to dreamland - in a dream where I could breathe, through both nostrils even, and didn't wake up until I became faintly aware of Steve's presence in the house. A nice little hour long nap did us both a world of good. (as did early bedtimes for all female members of the McFamily, including Reese)

The evening was complete with an outright refusal to ingest vegetables of any kind at dinner, but loving those bananas and apples. So bananas and apples it was. Caroline is starting to get more interested in self-feeding, a messy proposition, but one that I am wholeheartedly embracing. She loves those Zwiebeck toasts, but don't you dare take it away, not even for a moment to pretend to eat it! The protest is intense and like a mother with a baby bird, once a grown up has touched it, the toast is forever tainted and therefore refused.

My new plan might be to continue making the foods that I know she loves - nectarines, bananas, pears, peaches - and purchasing the detested vegetables. Pouring a bit of my time and energy down the drain isn't quite sitting so well with me.

Speaking of food, here I am rambling about making Caroline's food while one of the kid's in her classroom arrived at school with no food...for the WHOLE day. I overheard Sarah telling Michelle as we walked in that his mother had dropped him off and said that she didn't have any lunch or snacks for him. Sarah said she told her they don't have any food to give him, but the mother still left him. ??????


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