Simply irresistible

How can this be? Next week the little lady will be once again playing with her special bear posing for photos to capture her entrance into her NINTH month???

The good news is we can break out Auntie k's (with a little help from Kiki too) fall wardrobe of chocolate brown and pink. Caroline will be so deliciously adorable which will keep me from once again cursing the sands of time.

I recently received my Your Baby is Eight Months email. The same email that sent me into hysterics before Caroline was born, because HI she wasn't here yet, now delights me to no end with fun factoids about things she might be doing, games to play with her, babyproofing reminders of which I need many, among a myriad of other helpful and entertaining things.

One thing that I try not to dwell too much on, but nonetheless gmailed to Steve was the milestone chart. I regularly check the
Autism Speaks: Learn the Signs
page. I dutifully review the upcoming month in What to Expect the First Year, only after I remember that though she is now going to be eight months, I need to read the nine month chapter because she is IN her ninth month. Why this still confuses me I will never understand. Not so masterfully hidden within the babycenter site is a
Handy Milestone Chart
. (check me out with all my web links! Woo hoo! Masterful blogger that I am- HA!)

So I say I try not to dwell too much, but you almost cannot help but compare your precious baby to the chart making mental notes about things like practicing waving or OHH she can clap - months ahead of schedule. You simply cannot help it and I think any parent who says they don't refer to milestone charts every now and again is L-Y-I-N-G. there I said it. In fact, our pediatrician encouraged me to refer to charts like the Autism Speaks one because her development should be measured on some level and especially where autism is concerned. I try not to compare Caroline to other children and I think that is easier to do because they are real live little people with personalities, but the chart... I cannot resist your structured lines and columns of data. What can I say, I am a visual junkie.

So for now we need to work on waving, keep playing "where's caroline", keep rewarding the mahhhhs and work on the daa, be aware that Caroline might begin to exhibit signs of stranger anxiety (though I would be very surprised if this was a big deal to her), and sadly encourage her to crawl. She is getting really close and we were sure that last weekend would have resulted in "CRAWLED" being written on her baby calendar, but she keeps getting stuck with that one leg under her. As reassuring as it can be sometimes to look at these charts, all I really need to see is her smiling face, hear her babbling on and on about ba and bo and bee, and see her taking in the world in huge thirsty gulps to know that she is doing OK, BUT the charts, I cannot resist!!!


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