Some firsts?

First the first.

Yesterday afternoon Caroline tried some Zwiebeck Toast! She enjoyed it so much that when I took it away after her nervous Daddy expressed concerns about choking, she cried! Photographs of the toast eating experiment are posted in picasa. It was so strange to see her chomping away on a piece of REAL food. Steve and I were both in awe that our baby is growing up enough to gum toast?

First the second.

Caroline woke up when the trash came by this morning, but she wasn't upset, just awake. Steve picked her up from her crib and she snuggled on my chest for a bit before deciding that it was time for breakfast. As I sat upright in bed to feed her and moved her to my lap she looked up at me with wide eyes and the following syllable came out of her mouth - Ma. Steve heard it too and though I am sure it was a total fluke, it was the first M I have ever heard her try out. Now to work on the the Da.

We are headed up to MA this weekend for the BC game and an afternoon show in the city.

Currently having some milk issues, but trying hard to resolve them. Keeping up with her demand during the days I work is becoming a challenge and though I try to be diligent about pumping, getting 2-3 oz each time is making it much more difficult to fill those 5 oz bottles for school. Steve and I have talked about it and we have renewed our committment to nursing. I don't think Steve realized how important it was to me that I am able to provide this for Caroline. Giving it up just makes me feel sad and like a failure. I know that any breastmilk is helpful and that I shouldn't feel badly, but I really wanted Caroline to move from nursing to cow's milk with no stops or deviations in between. I also don't want to be miserable for the next 4 months either, so it is now a work in progress which may or may not involve a new pump and most certainly involves set pumping times at work no matter who calls or what is going on.


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