This kid is eating better than we are...

Caroline is eating up a storm! Kiki calls her a "little bird" because she literally opens her mouth when she spots the baby spoon. How long until she generalizes to our spoons? She is even eating avocado again since I started getting tricky and mixing it in with the banana that she loves oh so much. Tricky tricky mommy. I think we overdid it on the bananarama last week though, but that has since been remedied with a little help from our friends pear and apple. How can you not give the kid bananas though, she loves them!

So far we have introduced:
- sweet potato
- avocado
- peach
- nectarine
- banana
- butternut squash
- apple
- rice
- oatmeal

Just last night I created a nice batch of orange stain producing carrots. I am quite certain that the ice tray will never again be white. Keeping stock of the freezer door, which is devoted to the various food cubes, is becoming a bit of a challenge. She is eating more now, two cubes per meal instead of just one, so we are actually starting to work our way through the food more quickly. I want to offer her a variety of foods, use what we have before it hits its expiration, but also keep introducing new things each week. It sometimes feels like this and clothing management could be a full-time job. I will have to devise a little system to keep track of what she has been eating and provide an easy way to take stock of our supply before I hit the grocery store and forget to grab some sweet potatoes. According to my chart, she should be eating between 2 and 3 meals a day at this point and I am sure that shortly we will be back to a morning meal.

Last night Steve and I had steak, rice, and broccoli (with a yummy balsamic dressing that I make and crave all the time - 1 tsp dijon mustard, 1 minced garlic clove, salt/pepper, balsamic, olive oil). It seemed like a pretty healthy meal to me. Caroline had some peaches and rice cereal for dinner. Then after dinner I prepared her little snack cup of butternut squash for school. Even later last night I pureed those organic carrots. I really am so glad that I have been able to make all her foods. It takes time and energy that I don't always have, but I know that she is getting just the good stuff and that makes it all worth it. WHY don't I pay as close attention to my own (and Steve's) health as I do hers? Do I consider us to be less important? Of course not! I mean, when was the last time I baked a butternut squash for myself? When I made it for her on Friday I tasted it and then proceeded to gobble down at least three huge spoons of it myself because it was so good, only to feel guilty that those three spoons were not going to be three little cubes for her later. I am sure that most parents feel this way from time to time about many things; how less important their own health, time, and rest are than their children's, but if I am buying the stupid squash for her, can I really not get a little more for us? I know that this will all become infinitely easier when she is eating more vegetables, but with all this energy and focus on good health, I really need to reach a little bit more and make room for us to be good to our bodies too.

That is why tonight I am making that chicken pot pie again, sooo delish and sooo good for us too! Except for the the heavy cream, but c'mon, it's dairy isn't it????


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