weekend in review

A little catch-up today.

Despite the ridiculous heat on Saturday, Fall is upon us! What does Fall mean? In our house there is only one thing - Football. This year Fall will also include leaf wrangling, which ought to be pure comedy and will more than likely result in at least one totally adorable Caro in leaf pile photo opp. I am already anticipating the leaves interference with the primary objective of fall weekends - Football.

Caroline attended her second BC football game in as many weeks on Saturday. She was all decked out in her little SuperFan onesie (photos in Picasa link!) having a great time under the tent, GREAT idea Kiki!!! When we got to our seats, the sun was beating down and in less than 10 minutes she was asleep, but I got really getting concerned because I had never seen her quite so red. We later learned that it was 126 degrees on the turf at kick-off, is that even possible?? I had brought both the Baby Bjorn and the Sling thinking that the sling might keep her legs and arms more covered and out of the sun. The catch 22 of sun and babies is that in order to keep them cool you dress them in as little as possible, but then you must cover them to keep them out of the sun. The sling did a really good job of keeping her covered, but she was still really hot, so I took her down below to cool her off. I applied an ice cold compress to her neck and face and found a cool spot to hang out until some part of the stadium was shaded.

We met a mom and her 7 month-old daughter Sophia doing the same thing we were. She saw me walking towards Conte Forum for relief and called me over to stand with them because they had discovered a nice cool place to stand. I'm not sharing where, the spot was just THAT good and I am sure that in the cooler weather it will be a nice warm place to stand too! I could not tell you the mom's name, but she was nice and her baby was so cute.

While I was down there I heard quite a few comments from student passerby about bringing a baby out on such a hot day. Hi, I am standing right here and in your non-sober screaming everything you say state I CAN HEAR YOU! It was so rude. I was doing my best to keep her out of the sun and keep her cool and I was already quite nervous because of the beet redness, did I also really need your 18 year-old scrutiny too? ugh. Non-students and especially older people didn't make these comments, some of them even complimented my cold compress as a brilliant idea. I saw other moms in the ladies room with their young ones reach into their bags to retrieve cloth diapers for an icy compress too, remarking "good idea." We do what we need to do. No one expected it to be THAT hot.

Caroline woke up and at halftime we all headed over to Kik's and Poppa's seats to watch the game in the shade. She was fabulous for the entire second half, loved the halftime show, and was happy as could be. What an absolute trooper, destined to be a football fan like her Dad!

We got to spend some time with the Choyfroccas in town for their engagement party, which was on Sunday. It was such a lovely party with delicious food and dangerous drinks. It was clear that both the couple and the groom-to-be's family are so happy and excited. In just a handful of months we will all be headed to Mexico for their wedding!

Poor Laurie had the joy of driving back with us. Caroline fell asleep for about an hour, but woke up and basically cried for the entire hour and a half from Sturbridge. I felt so bad for her, but worse for poor Laurie. We fed her, we played with her, we shook her seat gently. The only thing that semi-worked was when I contorted myself somehow so that I could stroke her little forehead gently combined with shhing and some soothing words. So sad. She was of course perfection the rest of the night and she did sleep like a champ, so really it wasn't so bad, but POOR LAURIE!!

We are gearing up for the christening this weekend. The McFam has to go to a pre-baptismal class tonight at the church. There is still a lot to do around the house to prepare and food to organize and on and on, but we are so excited for her special day and so pleasantly surprised by the number of guests we will be having. It humbles us that so many people would drive so far out of their way for this.

So there's your catch-up. phew.


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