Adios frozen food cubes

Hasta la vista "mini prep processor."

We are in the midst of a mighty transition from those frozen puree cubes (that I dutifully and lovingly prepared I must add) to time consuming, messy, but so much fun it honestly hurts finger foods. In the interim, we are relying on some jarred food to cover us because there ain't no way no how that I am spending the hours on end with Caroline that it would take for her to feed herself tiny pieces of banana and bread. HAHAHA. No.

You can tell by watching her how much she really wants to feed herself, so making more purees for her would be a waste of my time because they would probably end up being wasted either from outright refusal or the unavoidable window of opportunity closing as we move full speed ahead to chunkier, and let's face it people, more appetizing options.

So what's this kid eating now? Pretty much everything except citrus fruit, juice, whole milk, strawberries, eggs, and beef. I am laying off the juice as long as humanly possible. She loves water so much, has no idea that juice even exists, so why mess with it??

Here's an example of her daily menu:


Jar of Earth's Best Pears and Mangoes (it is so yummy that I almost always sneak a taste) mixed with cereal (she eats them all now)


Chicken/Turkey puree, peaches, yogurt


Self-fed diced steamed veggies, pasta, bread, cheese with as much veggie puree as she will tolerate ie before she literally gags, spits it back out, or knocks your hand away with brute force.

Banana with Cheerio powder
Kiwi fruit
Bread with hummus
Zwiebeck Toast

It is definitely more work with the finger foods than I had planned for. It is unreal to watch her eyes light up when you place something down on her tray and see her body swing into motion to get it from tray to mouth. She'll even eat things that she turns her nose up to in puree form if they arrive in her mouth via the magic food producing tray. Caroline is certainly showing signs of being quite an independent young lady.

Sarah and Michelle report that the sled photo was a success and that they got three photos of a smiling clapping Caroline to work with. They let her go first since she is the baby afterall. I can't wait to see the proofs.

She wore her Red Sox pjs last night, so it looks like we will be alternating between her two pairs for the near future given the game's outcome. Go Sox!


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