Behind Bars

NABLOPOMO. That means National Blog Posting Month. I keep reading rumblings of this in some of the blogs I frequent. I hemmed, I hawed, and I signed up. So in November, during NABLOPOMO (hereby to be referred to as post month), you can plan on seeing a new Caro filled entry each and every one of the month's 30 days. (I just had to do that 30 days has Sep, Apr, Jun and NOV thing) You might be wondering "Weekends"? Yes, weekends too. You might be shaking your head because "oh yeah Thanksgiving!" Yes, Thanksgiving too. You are probably (and rightly so) already doubting that I can adhere to the daily post challenge. Yes, it will be a tough challenge, but I think I am up for it. I set my Outlook to remind me each day I am at work, so really it's just those other days, the ones where I am home that will be challenging, but I have a strategy. So stay tuned for that.

After work yesterday (which quite literally means after I left work ontime, picked up the dry cleaning after waiting in a TEN person line, picked up the baby, and drove back home) Steve and I lowered Caroline's mattress to almost the absolute lowest setting and removed the cutest crib bumper ever. It was strange to see her naked crib. I was hit by two realizations.

1. That outlet behind the crib is way too close and she could so inquisitively and quite innocently reach her hands out to touch the socket. YIKES! I put an outlet cover on and moved her crib as far away from the wall as I could because nothing says "touch me!" more than a barely out of reach outlet.

2. She can see us now. Before we could put her down for a nap or for the night and kind of linger, waiting by her bed in a commando crouch, ready to jump up and commence tush tapping as needed. I even used to peek in on her through the bumper, you know pushing it down like mini blinds. "She's got her thumb" I'd whisper, before creeping away. Our cover is blown. If she doesn't go down for the count, the commando style lingering will surely be exposed and THEN WHAT WILL WE DO???

I put a small stuffed bear and her little "Carter One Size" giraffe in the corners of the crib because sans bumper it looks a little sterile and uninviting. I figure I will rotate the non-threatening toys until we find one that has the potential to entertain her for even five minutes while we pry open our eyelids at that glorious hour known as 5AM. Perhaps you know of this hour? Perhaps you refer to is as "ungodly?" or "when I get up if I am taking an early flight?" ha ha. Not so in our house. The 5am routine continues and this morning I said screw it and pumped while I fed her. This led to a complicated out of bed bounce routine before I could manage to charm her back to sleep for about an hour. I don't really mind the hour she wakes us up, we're certainly used to it by now. We do however mind that she wants to sleep when it is time to get up if she doesn't get back to sleep right away as part of her morning "I've been up for two hours therefore I must sleep now" routine. Who likes to have to wake an angelic sleeping baby up?

So today is officially her real school picture day. We had two backgrounds to pick from; winter wonderland aka sled in front of snowy forest or happy holidays aka rocking chair in front of fireplace and tree. We chose the sled, mostly because of the nine month photo shoot and my scary experience with the rocking chair. All that leaning forward leads to tumbling out of the chair, so we chose the safer route with the little sled. Caroline looked really adorable this morning, all decked out in a cutie outfit and ready to rock the camera, hopefully horizontally to assist Kiki and Papa fill their photo frame.


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