Bessie and the www drought

The pump has arrived and all is good in the land of nursing. Caroline and I picked it up Monday afternoon from a local home care supply place, who by the way had cautioned me that it may take as long as THREE whole days to arrive. Three days would have been Thursday my friends, not MONDAY, a full week after it had been ordered. The final cost of my miraculous milking machine - $561.00! Five hundred and sixty-one dollars!!! A difference of $242 from the regular retail price!

Instead of focusing on the sad state of the cost of health care in this country, I will be thankful that my beloved BCBS came through for us on this one. Steve can finally see some reward for the astronomical cost of having "Family" medical insurance through his employer.

Truthfully, we are incredibly lucky. In my business, it is a rarity to hear someone say something positive about their insurance. A great deal of my time is in fact spent working with clients to locate funding sources to assist them with the cost of medical equipment, medication, and various other medical necessities that are deemed "uncovered expenses." The fact that BCBS got hosed on the deal is really their own fault isn't it? I mean if they would just allow women to purchase the pumps retail and submit for reimbursement none of this would have to happen.

As I said last time, seems like this measure is in place only to discourage women (new moms at that, who are both sleep deprived and incapable of remembering to eat lunch) from accessing this benefit. I think I would have been really discouraged if we had tried to get this pump way back in the Spring. (That seems so long ago now) Discouraged as I may have been, I have a feeling that Steve would have traveled anywhere to get that pump for us if I hadn't have been able to do it myself.

So how is my $561.00 miracle?

I was not anticipating immediate results of any kind. Increasing your supply can take time and that is especially true now that Caroline is (gasp!) an older baby.

So we tried it…

… Monday afternoon with good results (about 2.5 oz from one side)
… before bed that night with much better than usual results (2 oz)
… again Tuesday morning with ehh results (about 2 oz)
… at work Tuesday producing about 7 oz combined over two pumping sessions, awesome
... Tuesday night before bed (just over 2 oz)
... Wednesday am (3 oz!)

So what do I think?

I definitely feel more Bessie-like, what with the motor humming and tubes. It has been a much more pleasant experience than my manual pump and really does take less than HALF the time. That in and of itself is worth feeling like Bessie for. I am hoping that this week will be the bright beginnings of a beautiful new milk supply. I hate feeling the intense pressure to produce the following days milk and when I feel that pressure I create less. So perhaps with renewed spirit and attitude and more milk flowing I can make that happen.

My Internet service was down yesterday afternoon and I was lost. I actually typed this post in Word to copy and paste once it came back, but it never did, which made me realize how much time I spend online, both for work and recreational purposes. A lot of my work is completed online; researching resources for clients, looking for grants, searching for housing options for aging parents, sending caregiving information from the web to people via email. I suddenly felt very isolated without access to my Gmail account. I noted a heightened desire, NO need, to read all about Boston news. My inability to update McCashew was making me frustrated and grumpy.

Despite my lack of www accessability I got a lot of work done, but also am starting off this morning with a mile long to do list that was waiting on Internet resources.

Caroline Today:
Caroline is wearing a long sleeve pink onesie today that says "selective listener."

Story from School:
One the aids at school, Emily, brought her over to me at pick-up yesterday and told me that Caroline is her favorite. I jokingly whispered back, "I don't think you are supposed to have favorites." Emily said, "I know, but I can't help it, she is just so cute." If that doesn't make a Mom happy...


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