Ok, she says it, happy now Steve =)

We are delighted that Caroline has added da to her ever growing babble vocabulary. She has been saying it since last weekend, I just neglected to mention it here. She quite obviously does not yet connect da da da to her real dada, but in time I am sure that will come. Sadly, I think for me alone, she has all but dropped ma! WAH!

Last night was leftover night so we had a hodge podge of apricot dijon chicken thighs and homemade minestrone soup. Caroline had leftovers too; peas, carrots, apple sauce, pear, and some banana as a finger food with crushed cheerios for grippage. I discovered that those slippery banana chunks are best dealt with by coating them in powdered cheerios. What a dream snack for our girl! Believe it or not she has improved her dexterity since that video last weekend. The video was of her very first cheerio self feeding session and since then she has gotten so much better. She is so eager to pick things up and eat them that you have to check her mouth to be sure she has swallowed.

So far we aren't seeing a clear cut preference for left or right hand grab action. Steve would like to say that she utilizes her left more. I think that she reaches with both, more with her left, and definitely executes better with her left, but she is still pretty good with her right hand so we'll see. Time will tell and she will make up her own mind.

Today is my day off with Caroline and we have some errands to run, but mostly we want to get out there and enjoy the day, which should be interesting once the rain comes. It was 80 degrees here yesterday. 80 degrees! I had started to put away all her summer clothes, but it looks like they might get a few more wearings, so yay for dresses!

Happy weekend and happy belated birthday to RYAN! Caroline and I cannot believe he really has been here for a year?! Caroline is super psyched to get to spend some time playing with her old friend on Saturday.


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