Father Daughter Baseball Bonding

This morning Steve sent along a cut and paste version of this article's last few paragraphs. If you are a Red Sox fan (and these days who isn't???) you have probably already read the latest installment of the "Sports Guy."

The last few paragraphs are about how he woke up his baseball hating little girl to see the final outs of the series and watch the Sox "celebrate" their victory. Steve told me months ago that if his beloved Red Sox won the series he would be waking Caroline to see the final moments. So in Game 4 when things were starting to wind up and Steve's blood pressure was rising in anticipation, he looked at me and asked, "should we wake up Caroline?" In the end we didn't, but I think it is only because he wants the kind of moment that the Sports Guy describes, where he can watch with her, see her smiling, and know that she will always remember that her Dad woke her up to see the final outs with him and all that celebrating. (IRL waking Caroline would have involved crying and tush thumping and he may have actually missed the last out - never wake a sleeping baby right?) Something about this team makes me think that he might have a shot at this moment again in the very near future, but until then we must prepare her for nearly nine months of baseball watching per year. I don't doubt that Steve will teach her the entire roster, all their positions, and some of the team history so that she too can amaze us with her baseball knowledge. (I can see the look on Uncle Hokie's face now when she answers those Aflac questions) I will do my part by stopping at the 2004 celebration artwork on our staircase and pointing out all the players, being careful to remind her that even though you cannot see him, Trot Nixon is in there.

Keep your eyes peeled for our little Sox fan


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