Grabbing for key tags

I think we have a grabber. I know there really is no reason for alarm quite yet, but Caroline's quite grabby. Say for instance you are writing your shopping list, as I was earlier this week, when suddenly the pen you are writing with is swiped ruthlessly from your hand. Or perhaps while you are reviewing her daily chart from school she begins crumpling it into the tiniest ball ever seen before chowing on the corners. ew.

She wants my keys, my phone, pretty much anything that clearly is of interest to me or Steve. I let her play with my keys, though I try to get her more interested in the gajillion key tags.

How many key tags do you have?? I have 13 that I lug around, of which I use 3 regularly. Why do I maintain tags for places like the library we belonged to in MA, the gym in the town we previously resided in, a men's store where Steve was wracking up "points" with tux rentals?? I cannot toss these tags. I just have that silly sinking feeling that the second that tag is gone, I will suddenly feel an urge to head to the Hallmark store and buy 7000 cards. I have tried rationalizing it to myself that I can just remove the tags, but keep them in an envelope in the office somewhere for retrieval before shopping trips, but I know I will never remember to do that. That being said I have purchased shoes at DSW without even realizing that I do in fact have a DSW card. I didn't even realize I had one until I sat here just now counting my cards and there it was.

I think I keep certain cards on there for sentiment. Perhaps I believe that someday I will be a member of that library again? Or that I will once again pick up adorable gifts at Barbers? Or browse through racks and racks of gorgeous fabric at that cute little store? or once again shop till I drop for myself finding steals at the Loe?

The same is true of keys. Until this past spring I had keys to god knows where on my chain. I finally stripped down to a car key, a car starter, our front door key, and a key to my parent's house. That took some doing and I know I still have the other keys hidden away in a drawer somewhere where they now provide company to my old Nissan key, past apartment keys that were never turned in, luggage keys, and who knows what other kinds of keys.

I don't tend to think of myself as a pack rat, but my key ring says otherwise. If you must call me one, then at least call me an organized one! I found insurance papers within two seconds this morning. In Caroline's case my overabundance of key tags is a good thing; more things to chew on and explore and less of a chance that my sharp car key gets into her mouth. How exactly might one go about disinfecting a key ring??


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