Knocked Up

Not me! The movie - geez!!!!

I feel it necessary to note that this movie was everything we hoped it would be. Not only did Knocked Up have the distinction of being the first movie we have watched in a long LONG time, but it delivered (HA!). I mean clearly the winner of best comedy and best hissy fit at the Teen Choice Awards was so obviously meant for US Weekly reading newbie parents like us!

Everything you heard is true, yet ye to On Demand or your Netflix que at once!

*** Per Adrienne, queue - not que - oy - my spelling atrocities continue - Thanks A! ***

I think we enjoyed it even more because of the recency of our own pregnancy experience. You'll laugh (a lot) and maybe might even shed a tear (or two). This was especially true for me at the climactic ending and you'll be happy to learn that the DVD offers a bonus alternate montage - I heart bonuses!

Though this flick clearly won't be making much Oscar buzz this year, it is a winner for its ability to get two parents to stay up past 10 laughing their tired butts off.

What are you waiting for - go get Knocked Up!!! (HA!)

PS. How much do you love IMDB?

Stuff I just discovered:

Judd Apatow (the writer/director) and the oh so familiar Leslie Mann/Debbie (also Hooters girl from Big Daddy, love interest from 40 year-old Virgin and The Cable Guy) are married in real life and their two real daughters played Debbie and Pete's girls Charlotte and Sadie. What cuties!


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