(pulling a bit of inspiration from Bill Simmons here)

Caroline fell asleep moments ago at 8:22 pm after twenty-five minutes of shhing, bouncing, bum thumping & back rubbing, done both in my arms and in bed. She must be her father's daughter, game seven just began at 8:23. Twenty-five minutes might not seem like a long time to some parents, but our girl usually goes from last feeding to out cold in under ten minutes. Lately we have been doing less rocking and bouncing, opting instead to give her a good dose of love before placing her gently on her side in her crib where she will futz for a a few minutes before finding her thumb and poof, she's out. Tonite was hopefully our once a week bounce fest, culminating in a few tears, lots of thumb sucking, and a little sigh that signaled she was on her way BY HERSELF to dreamland.

(ONE TWO THREE - go Dice-K!)

10 Things that are a-changing here in the McHousehold...

1. Caroline's eyes appear to have reached their final destination. We haven't noticed any changes in them for weeks now. We think we have a hazel green eyed girl and man those doe eyes are just too much. It must be the combo of their unique color, the mile long eyelashes, and the Bambi-ness of them that makes them too hard to say no to. We are in trouble with this later I am sure.

2. Caroline's hair appears to be a bit lighter, more the color of her eyebrows and less like mine, though still dark. It is also getting thicker and long enough for her to play with. We often catch her twirling her hair around in her fingers and she seems to have more interest that ever in playing with other people's hair.

3. Not only has she mastered cheerios and bananas, but pretty much any other diced food that you place in your palm for her to practice her pincer grasp on. This weekend she successfully grabbed kiwi, itty bitty pieces of roast chicken, grated cheddar cheese, and pieces of bread. This move is also practiced quite often on lips, ears, and noses.

4. Tahini was on my list of "allowable 8 month foods" so while Steve and I enjoyed some hummus and pita this afternoon and our child began flailing her arms in excitement we shrugged our shoulders and gave her a taste. SHE LOVED IT. We are still testing this theory, but it seems that whatever we are eating is infinitely better than what is being offered to her and thus she will not only eat it, but open up again for more.

(YAY Manny, 1-0 Sox, 2 on, 1 out)

5. Veggies are the devil and protein is their evil twin. I tried so hard in the beginning to get this kid interested in veggies and we had success until we reached the green veggies. No peas or green beans and most recently broccoli can take the trip to Caro's tummy solo. I hide the peas with carrots and apples and I tried to make the broccoli more appealing with some cheddar cheese. I think we may have just reached a point where she wants to feed herself and unless she really really loves it, she won't eat it in puree form. Seems like she is ready to move to chunkier foods and more table food type items. She can take or leave carrots, but a small diced carrot that she can put in her own mouth might be infinitely more appealing. We'll see. It's a work in progress, I want to give her body time to adjust to all this new food.

(Bases loaded for Drew- Steve sitting forward cracking knuckles: "Talk about chance to be a hero" and then "back to normal."

6. If I posted a video of Caroline moving and somehow made it play in reverse you would be amazed to see the speed of this kid's crawling. For now, all our footage is of a backwards crawling speed demon. It is so sad because you can see that she is focused on something in front of her and when she starts to go for it, she suddenly propels backwards and away from said object. This leads to many tears and lots of frustration, but her mother and father tape it dutifully. Backwards crawling is sure to lead to forwards crawling, which we expect to happen any moment now.

7. Is there anything more adorable than a baby amid pumpkins? I think not.

8. Sunday is Football day and Caroline caught sight of a fan clapping on the tube and immediately joined in.

(Lowell makes a great line drive catch - Fred Flintstone is up)

9. Forget all those toys, the empty Cheerios box is infinitely more interesting. We have joked about wrapping up empty boxes for her for Christmas (with a couple real gifts tossed in of course) and after watching that amuse her for over 20 minutes, we are absolutely doing it. What will be more interesting, the boxes or the paper???

(Beckett's in the pen)

10. While putting her to sleep tonight, I rolled her to side gently, patting her back, shhing, and she rolled onto her stomach. This used to be a booyah moment because once she was on her tummy she was done... until now when she moved back onto all fours and moved swiftly into a sitting up position with her back up against the crib bars. My jaw hit the ground, speechless I turned to Steve and told him "she's sitting up," but I didn't actually believe it until I looked back and saw her sitting there, sad little tears streaming down her face. We have entered scary uncharted waters. The child cannot be placed into a "must sleep" position any longer. My Dear lord, we are in trouble.


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