newest weapon in her cute arsenal

Caroline has a new weapon in her quest to maintain her status as sweetest Caroline ever. She may have inherited my grumpy napper gene. I cannot nap because when I do waking up takes forever, I feel foggy and out of it, and I am a grumpy gus. This past weekend I noticed that she too wakes up on the grumpy side and needs a little extra time and love before she is back to her smiley self.

When retrieved from her crib or baby seat napping location she is not a happy girl. Grumpy and sad and even sometimes tearful, she now lays her head down on your shoulder or chest and sits quietly, usually with her thumb. Caroline is the ultimate cuddle bug and even if those wake up times are not her favorite, they sure are mine. There is nothing like having this little girl want to snuggle with you.

Go Sox! Caroline never doubted you for a minute.


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