Signed, Management

Attention Parents: Your morning Wake Up Call will now be an hour earlier than previously scheduled. Management reserves the right to alter said time at their own discretion.

Steve retrieved the little Miss at 5:00 this morning. Caroline's new wake up time makes us slightly nervous because daylight savings time is looming and we "fall back" so 5 would really be 4. GROAN! She has been getting to bed a little earlier, last night around 7:30, which may be why she is getting up earlier, but who knows. The one thing we can 100% count on is that her wake up call will be totally different this time next week, so what can you do? My only complaint is that when she wakes up on the early side like this I don't do my morning pump session in hopes that I can coax her gently back to sleep with us. If I try to feed her, pump, and then get her to sleep I usually end up with a wide awake, though super smiley, baby and at 5:30 AM that just doesn't fly with me. I doubt I could sleep with the whoosh whoosh of a pump whirring mere inches from my head either. I was able to get her back to sleep until 6:50 this morning, when the alarm went off and I frantically poked Steve to turn on the weather. Weather on the 1s Steve, weather on the 1s!!!

Goodbye adorable bumper, you were exceedingly cute

So at 5:00 Steve rubbed his eyes and plodded down the stairs to help his daughter greet the day and I lay in bed waiting to hear the rip rip of the diaper change. He called to me, "Ker, she's sitting up." I forced my own eyelids open and even without glasses I could see her, sitting up, sucking her thumb, just hanging out. As Kiki pointed out yesterday, it is only a matter of time before we find her standing up in there. I got some great footage of her climbing Mt. Steve yesterday afternoon, pulling herself up on him with only elbow assistance. I told Kiki, I feel like we are in a time of great change and I feel an urgency to get moving on the gates and protective corner jobbies.

With her sitting up and pulling to standing, I can no longer deny the need to remove the bumper which she could use as a step stool towards climbing out of the crib. I have visions of this move, followed by a painful fall and perhaps a little jaunt towards the door where she will discover the STAIRS. So the adorable bumper must go. Goodbye bumper, we so enjoyed your cuteness.

Squealing for School?

Caroline was so happy this morning when I dropped her off. We got to the school front door and she laughed and clapped. As a Mom this makes me happy. I much prefer a happy "I'm stoked for school" baby than a "please Mommy don't make me go in there" baby.

The Great Protein Protest of 2007

We also seem to have found a way around the Great Protein Protest of 2007. I mixed her chicken with yogurt and peaches yesterday and she ate it all, opening up for more. There was also lip smacking. For dinner we were not quite as successful with the garden veggies, but have reached a place of compromise that seems to be working; spoonful of veggie, shredded cheese, sip of water, spoon, and so on. Caroline also got a quick intro to pasta last night. I cooked up a little pastina and put it on her tray for her to play with. In the time it took me to drop a spoonful down for her, go to the kitchen with the spoon, and come back she had already explored it a bit and there were little starred pasta pieces around her mouth. She loves to feed herself. I think we are on the move now toward chunkier foods. Teeth are not necessary apparently, though you would think they would be. She won't be able to chew food with teeth until her molars come in. Those first baby teeth are really for biting purposes, so until molars come in babies use their gums. If you watch her eat a cheerio you can see and hear her crunching the cereal between her gums. So soft diced veggies and fruits are probably ok for her to feed herself with supervision of course. We are transitioning. Though I will miss the speed of the puree meal, the messy fun of finger foods has its benefits too, namely that Mom and Dad can both enjoy their meal and not feel like they need to hoover it down in 2 seconds. I used to eat so slow. Ha, good times. I hardly chew anymore.

"I love _____ on Thanksgiving"

Why so much focus on the eating? Well, she is long and lean, but I want to be sure that she is getting enough nutrition. School says that to date she has been less than thrilled with her lunch and I know they don't have the time I do to focus and mickey mouse around with her. So if she isn't eating her lunch with them, she is missing out on all those supplemental calories. If this new yogurt solution works, I can at least relax knowing that she is getting all the nutrients she needs, even when I am not hovering over her singing the Adam Sandler Turkey song with insert your food here _____ lyrics. "I wish _____ only cost a nickel!"

I feel like I could write on and on about all the changes, but really I should save some material for later this week right?


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