Snooty baby to both swim and dress up

New song alert, written while putting Caroline earlier this week. She was a very junky snooty girl.

To the tune of Smelly Cat:


Snooty girl, snooty girl

where are these snoots from

Snooty girl, snooty girl,

It's Hannah's fault

Caroline and I, along with a few other Moms and babes from our Mom's group are signed up for a Mom & Tot swim class. (I think Jen and Ryan took a similar class further south?) The other Moms were so kind to schedule the class on a day that we could be there. On Friday mornings at 11 AM Caroline and I along with Denise/Ellen, Alicia/Aaron, and Christin/Michael will be splashing around together, at least for the next 7 weeks. So excited!!! With the weather FINALLY getting cooler (I'm all for warm weather, but it's nearly November, I'm ready for warm cozy sweaters for me and cute tights for Caroline) our normal outdoor activities are in jeopardy, so the class will get us out of the house to a structured activity with other moms. YAY!
Our big "Halloween Spooktacular for Babies and their Entourages" is Saturday night! There are almost 50 people (!!!) coming and it will be so much fun to see all the babies dressed up. I haven't seen some of the Moms attending for a really long time. We hear Ryan will be making an appearance as a lion! =) I am not sure that the cuteness of getting all these babies together dressed up in costume is actually legal. The photos are going to be edible.

Last night we put the baby to bed and sat down to watch BC take on VT in Blacksburg. It was a rough game for my BC loving hubby, but it seemed that as soon as I put the little hat I am knitting Caroline down for the night Matt Ryan turned it on (perhaps finally learning how to get some more time in the pocket) and he began scrambling for a come from behind win that left the Hokies stunned! scThey scored all 14 of their points in about 2 minutes which sent my husband through various emotions; apathy, anger, dismay, shock, hopefulness, elation, with just a touch of stomach churning nausea. I did my steady best to be the fan he needed me to be, complete with running around the family room, jumping on him, high fiving, cheering. He was devastated that his secret lover Marc was not available for text consult. He is now out West for a wedding and had an elaborate plan to watch the game out there after his 10 pm arrival, which included "going black" and not allowing any outside communication. Eagles won 14-10 (should have been 14 - 3 if you ask me) and the crops are saved. So Go Eagles. I won't say what a game, because overall it was terrible, but what a fouth quarter!


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