Three is for Leather

If I had not been at a conference yesterday all day I would have been able to post this on 10/10, our THIRD wedding anniversary. Is it possible that I blinked and it has been that long? I have everything I could ever need in life and feel so incredibly blessed to have a partner like Steve. He is a handsome, kind, sports lunatic of a man and I simply adore him. Seeing as how I plan on being with him forever, I suppose three years is a drop in the bucket, but we aren't so newly married anymore and yet despite that, here we are. It sort of makes me proud! Some things are different, but I think our relationship has grown and matured with us. The wonderful memories of the fanfare and fun on 10/10/04, which could never ever be replicated for us, are more enjoyable and delicious to recall on nights like yesterday; us, some wine, and the Gray's FINALE from LAST season (I know, but give us a break, the kid and all). I should also add how incredibly lucky I feel to have a shiny new stunning wallet - courtesy of our traditional gift giving tradition. It's tres beautiful. Am I terrible wife because his gift got delayed in shipping?

Don't worry he'll have it soon - geez!

I was both teary eyed and grinning ear to ear looking at these moments from 3 years ago. What babies we were?! What babies The McCarthy's were!? Such good warm memories...


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