Weekend Recap

I am a wordy woman. I am at times an inefficient communicator. Am I capable of summarizing an entire weekend in 15 sentences?

What a surprise for Kiki and Steve to see Caroline rolling up to the tailgate!

Caroline wore BC apparel (duh!) and her madras shorts, with lots of sunscreen because clearly New England has not yet captured this mysterious thing called fall.

Uncle Hokie enjoyed watching Caroline's latest tricks which include squirming to reach an object out of reach, clapping when she is happy or excited, and moving BACKWARDS!

Finally, Baby Christian and Baby Caroline meet! She slept and he adorably said ba ba (baby) while sweetly and gently touching her tiny fingers and toes.

Caroline's parents got to experience an entire night out to celebrate their third wedding anniversary and be Kerri and Steve, not just Caroline's Mom and Dad.

Mom wore strappy heels, leg elongating jeans, and a fitted dressy T that made her feel like a hot mama.

Spellbound Petite Syrah; try it!

The new PF Changs is WAY better than the old one!

Three years later the Sox are once again playing the Angels on our wedding weekend (as pointed out by Neil) and we may or may not have BRIEFLY busted in (peeking in the door isn't busting in is it?) on a wedding at the Sheraton, enjoyed delicious dangerous drinks at our old favorite spots, and perhaps just maybe this mom enjoyed one too many cocktails, but she had an absolute BLAST.

Auntie k got the babe to bed with ease and it was clear the next morning when we came to pick the bonded duo up for breakfast that Caroline not only knows her auntie, but has such amazing affection for her.

Auntie made note of a couple "Caroisms" that as her parents we tend to take for granted, especially my favorite one where she gently rubs your arm while she is eating.

A thousand thanks to Auntie k for making such a special weekend possible. Caroline says ba ba ba ba, which loosely translated means I love you.

Stevie's in heaven with the Sox, the Pats, and his Eagles ranked unbelievably 4th in the country.


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