The world's newest couple

With Caroline there is always something new, something happening, something to share with the world. She provides seemingly limitless material for this blog. When I come to work and see my seniors, who often live alone leaving their homes only to go shopping or come to the center, I wonder what they might blog about. The newsmongers could craft some really opinionated posts about the state of the world. The pinochle players could strategize and share the outcomes of their daily games. The line dancers could share the new step they learned. The exercisers could talk about all the energy they seem to have since they started the class. What about my bereavement group? I see them in and around the center, not all of them, engaged in card games or attending special programs. I don't see everyone though, some of them I only see in my group and I wonder and worry about how they are doing out there on their own.

We had a family musical group performing here today. I came out of my office to peer down on the show and spied two of my members sitting together at a table, his arm gently rested behind her shoulder, his thumb grazing her shoulder every so often. My jaw hit the ground and I called Steve to tell him that two of my group members were "hooking up!" His reply was "gross." I am sure it isn't like that, I mean goodness they are both in their 70s. Later when I was helping hand out refreshments and pour hot water for tea, they stopped me to say hello, asked how Caroline was and just smiled at me like two chesire cats. I didn't want to say anything that would make them uncomfortable, so I just told the woman that it was so good to see her at a program and wasn't it wonderful? He leaned over and said that I would be seeing a lot more of her around here because she would be with him. My eyes welled up with tears for them, she told me how she had not planned on finding someone ever again, had no interest, but that they had just fallen for one another. They talk about their spouses, but mostly they spend time together and they are so obviously smitten! Another group member later told me that he announced to his pinochle crew that he was in love. In love. Again. IN LOVE.

I have so much (too much?) to say about Caroline, but it is refreshing to see proof that later in life there are still opportunities for these miraculous moments and things can still happen that grab your heart and remind you what being alive is all about. My cup runneth over for the world's newest couple.


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