Caroline the Boxer goes 1 round, loses decision to unidentified toddler

Steve was on pick-up duty yesterday and when he walked in he saw it before they even told him; a red bump under Caroline's eye. Michelle told him that during free play time in the afternoon another child had accidentally hit her in the face with the corner of a toy. It was super close to her eye, so let's all be thankful about that. The incident report stated that she was accidentally struck by a toy while being supervised during free play and that Mr. Eric applied ice and gave lots of hugs. Michelle said that she wanted to be back on the floor not long after the incident. Steve was very concerned that our poor baby girl was going to have a black eye for Thanksgiving. The bump is gone and the red mark vanished (oh miracle ointment Aquafor, how we adore you) this morning.

Michelle said we will likely be signing more of these reports now that Miss Caro is mobile. She also noted that they think she is the happiest baby in the class now that she can move and participate more. She smiles all day now.

We had swim today Caroline the fish did really well. We had a different instructor, John. He spent some one on one time with Caroline and I on the stairs helping me to get her reaching through the water for the toys in an effort to help her get comfortable getting her face wet. She got dunked twice with no negative reactions and she was definitely holding onto the side of the pool today during crab walk time. She monkeyed her arms down the side in an effort to reach the little squirt toy I had placed out there like a hot dog on a string. =) I am not expecting too much from these classes, I mean she is only 9 months old, but she definitely is learning how to do these little things and it amazes me. Today was the first time I noticed that she was kicking her legs behind her while I motored her around, so cute!!!

John was funny. He told us that we were a lot different than many of the mothers in his other group in another not to be named town. He said those Moms sit outside the pool and direct ("yell orders") to their nannies who are actually in the pool with the kids. I have no words.

He also said that you can tell if a parent is first time parent or if they have other kids by how they exit the pool. He said the first timers spend time showering the kids off, getting them dressed, drying them off. The parents of more than one drag their kids out of the pool, strip them, and rush them out the door. HA! We are all definitely in the first category because I think we spend just as much time getting the kids dressed again as we spend at the actual lesson.

Here is Caroline and her Daddy this morning just as he was leaving for work.

She's still in her Winnie the Pooh Fleece PJs, size 9 mos.


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