Caroline's Mommy shouldn't nap

Caroline took a nap on Monday afternoon at about 3:30 and I made the fatal error of closing my eyes and attempting to nap with her. She was all snuggly and warm under her little fleece blanket and I just couldn't help it. I half slept, half listened to Oprah and when Steve came home she was awake and I was mis. I teased my sick body into thinking that sleep was imminent, when in fact it was hours away. Lucky for us I had tossed together some Crock Pot Chili after grocery shopping so there was no dinner prep.

Caroline was very Mommy-focused last night. She wanted me in her sight and more than anything to be on my lap. So we snuggled up on the couch with a blanket and looked at a big Richard Scary book together (fascinated by the grocery store scene, touching all the pictures of fruits and vegetables) and hung out until the crock pot's warm light came on and dinner was ready.

Caroline fell fast asleep while we were watching How I Met Your Mother and while I should have gone right to bed at that very moment, I suddenly snapped out of the evil napping grump and was full of energy. I ironed some fabulous labels into Caroline's new size 9 mos secondary outfit for daycare. Kiki discovered these amazing labels and I no longer send her to school with a hope and a prayer that I will someday see her clothes or cups or food containers again. Even her tiny little shoes have a special little Caroline sticker in them now so Hannah will most assuredly keep her germy little mitts off Caroline's shoes. =) The iron on labels were SO easy and they are definitely not going anywhere. All you Moms and Moms-to-be take note - these labels are a baby must have.

Here is Caroline this morning en route to school.

"Selective Listener" Onesie - BabyGap size 6-12 mos aka TOO BIG
Jeans - DKNY - size 12 mos - a bit long, but getting there
Socks - Carters size 3-12 mos
Shoes were later added as it is FREEZING down here today


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