Okay I know, I missed the mark on the daily photo, but it was not for lack of effort. Here we are at the end of "a post a day everyday" and I am absolutely shocked that we somehow managed to stick with it, even through holidays and weekends away from home.

It is amazing to look back and see just how much has changed since October. "A post a day everyday" documented so much change.

This month... met the Sucktaculars...swim class (she loves it!) started...Caroline found the ham...she started crawling (forwards) at lightening speeds... as a result she nearly ingested kitty food several times before her mother smartened up...she unfortunately had her first ear infection times two and had a terrible rash from the first medication...her parents went out with friends in Boston and left her for the night with Kiki and Steve... she got her new nine month old stats at the doctor and tips the scales at 17 pounds...we were finally able to share the news on Tasha and Tony's little junior... Auntie k got accepted to run, bachelor Marc popped the question...there were incident reports for daycare injuries... our confidence as parents showed vast improvement...babyproofing abound...we learned that Caroline loves holiday decorations... we celebrated our first thanksgiving as a family and there was so much to be thankful for...BC finally beat Miami...and Caroline went to the dark side and became friends with hannah which serves as a reminder to me pretty early in her life that I cannot pick her friends.

It's been a great month. I have enjoyed all the posting. I know it wasn't always earth shattering news or very exciting to read, but it was representative of our simple little family life with Caroline. It isn't always exciting, but it is always changing, and she makes all of it worthwhile.

I went back this week and read some of the posts from her first weeks here and it makes me smile to think of how little we knew then, how unsure of ourselves we were, how much we overthought every stinking thing. Here we are nearly ten months later and we have a routine, there is predictability, we speak her baby language, there is calmness that I have come now to understand is confidence.

You won't stop reading because "a post a day everyday" is over will you?


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