double trouble

Just home from a very hectic morning/afternoon.

Caroline has a double ear infection almost as awful as the one we brought her in for just before Halloween. I suppose it just never cleared up. I had been planning on that being a pretty short visit, but after waiting nearly 30 minutes the news on the ears was just the icing on the cake. After a trip to Fed Ex where we learned that our package was actually out for delivery and not at their location as indicated on the slip, we left to go meet Steve for an impromtu lunch. Our day now included a trip to the pharmacy to pick up a new scipt for her ears and the CVS is right around the corner from his office.

We had lunch with Steve, I raced through the grocery store and things were looking up until I got to CVS and they informed me that this medicine would usually be covered, but we had had not yet met her yearly pharm deductible and we had to pay nearly full price for this new antibiotic. Yay. Those new pjs I wanted to pick up will have to wait, I just wanted to get home where nothing else could go wrong.

I just gave her the first dose, which was clearly not nearly as yummy as the good ol' pink stuff, but she managed to get it all down.

Poor girl. We thought she was teething, but she was really telling us MY EARS HURT!! The doc said that she never would have guessed she even had the infections by her demeanor and anyone who has seen her recently will tell you that she has been her regular smiling happy self.

We'll get her on the mend. The month long cold appears to finally be gone. I can be thankful for that. I am considering making her an "I hate Hannah" button to wear to school. Maybe her mother will think I am a total whackjob and will keep Hannah away for safety sake? That would be just fine by me.

In other unrelated news, Mrs. Sucktacular was spotted today out front putting out her holiday decorations and lights. I suppose she is going for a fall/winter theme as her reindeer appear to be enjoying some crispy fall leaves.


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