Find the ham and locomotion

Halloween night, while reading Caroline her final bedtime story, Green Eggs and Ham, she began her usual routine of getting "futzy" and sucking her thumb right on cue when the Boat enters the scene and the written words reach their mightiest peak. I always breeze through that page at lightening speed and get that paged turned as quickly as possible, because "oh mummy it pains me to have to listen to you drone on and on while I am forced to look at the SAME picture." I flipped it to the next page. Perhaps you are familiar, it's the one with Sam and the Green Eggs and Ham under water? She extended her RIGHT hand and just sort of touched the ham, then pointed to it and traced around it. I looked at Steve and said "Steve, she's pointing at the ham." We flipped the page and there it was again, the ever present green ham and PRESTO, there she was pointing it out again, all the while listening to her mother chirp in her ear infected left ear, "Yes, that is the ham, good job, you found the ham." She found the ham on all the remaining pages, as Steve said creating her own little "where's waldo." We were so impressed!

So is she drawn to the ham because she likes the ham? or is it the ham's omnipresence in her story that is undeniable? or is it that she is disgusted with what obviously is a rancid piece of meat and is trying to point out that it really should be discarded and no wonder he does not like greens eggs and ham?

And oh yeah - SHE'S CRAWLING - FORWARDS! This morning at exactly nine months to the day she delighted us all with some fancy coordination and crawled across the floor for a slipper. To her mother's delight, she later crawled from under the kitchen table to her across the floor and reached her hands up to be snuggled. Does it get any better??? She is downstairs with Steve now and from what I am hearing she is all over the place in the family room. We have been both looking forward to this milestone and worrying over it. Now that it is here, the fear is gone, it is awesome and amazing and completely and utterly unbelievable. What a ride! I would buy enough tickets to go on this ride forever and ever! Even it meant I might get motion sickness, or hurl my guts out, or give me a terrible headache...we are incredibly lucky and we love her so, our good-natured, smiling, clapping, crawling wonder girl.


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