Gated menace

Caroline woke up this morning at 6:15 and was up for only a short while before she snuggled back to sleep with us until about quarter to nine! It was as if she knew that her parents had been up late watching BC's big comeback in the fourth quarter and could use an extra hour or so of sleep. I prepared myself for the worst, knowing that usually these long morning snoozes means a fever or an illness creeping up. There was no fever and we have a happy smiling little crawling all over the place little Caro. We officially installed our safety gate. We opted for one removable gate that we can move between doorways because we are primarily in the family room and I would like to have one for those just in case moments upstairs. There are always eyes on her, so the gate is our failsafe. This gate is intense for a non-permanent one. So far we are very impressed.

No photos today, instead two videos of our little speed demon. Oh yeah, she's waving too. =)


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