Grateful and Appreciative

This Thanksgiving I am thankful for:

… little fingers that grab fistfuls of my hair with all their might

… frowns that turn into full on smirks at the sound of my voice saying “yay!”

… the clacking together of stacking cups

… ouchy looking red crawler knees

… the warmth of a sweaty nap head on my chest

… family meals at the dining room table (that are a lot less stressful these days)

… the sense of peace I feel knowing that while I chop veggies for dinner listening to JT, my daughter is dozing sweetly in the next room

… lollipop adorned Robeez

… raspberry flavored Children’s Motrin and grape flavored Children’s Tylenol

… consonant sounds like ba, da, ha, la, ma, and ra

… yellow rubber ducks that squeak between teething gums

… white gates that block the dangers of the stairs

… long hot showers

… Yobaby yogurt

… high crib railings

… tights

… the piercing sound of a happy baby’s squeal

… a spouse who calls me from the other room to show me the latest and greatest trick

… Cheerios

… teeny tiny hair clips

… Bright Baby picture books

... Daddy AM diaper duty

… Sara and Michelle

… an understanding employer who insists that family should and always will come first

… seemingly limitless sporting events to keep my husband entertained while the writer strike rages on

… to be fortunate enough to fold tiny itty bitty onesies away in order to make room for bigger ones

… the sweet smell of a just washed baby

… an extended supportive and loving family who adore our daughter as much as we do

… the pincer grasp (except when executed with precision on my skin)

… friends at home who haven’t forgotten us

… kind neighbors who drink beer, like our taste in wine, put up with us not raking, and provide hours of conversation without one mention of the contents or status of a diaper

… a husband who is a superb Daddy and exhibits more care as an understanding friend & supportive partner than I honestly think I deserve

… a little girl named Caroline with a headstrong spirit like her mommy, mischievous little eyebrows like her Daddy, sparkling hazel brown eyes all her own, a sweet little pout when she’s sleeping, and the whole of my heart in her tiny hand


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