I heart mittens on a string

We think that Caroline might be teething. I say might because we thought she was teething in July and then again in August and just about every month since, but we have yet to see any teeth, so we'll see. She has been sucking her lips and drooling like crazy. Right now Steve is in the other room taking her temp and it appears that we will be giving her some Tylenol before we leave the house to run some errands. 99.6. Might just be a low grade temp from teething or it might be something else. Welcome to parenthood, the world of mights.

We have already accomplished a ton today! We raked, Steve mowed, we went to the grocery store and got lunch and other must haves, made a Home Depot run, and Caroline has already had two naps.

We are off to K&G to get Steve a suit, then some other XMAS shopping, and then Fridays for dinner. Caroline sits in a real high chair when we go out now and she eats dinner with us, though not from the menu. =)
Caroline is wearing:
Cabled Purple Sweater - Chaps size 12 mos
Purple onesie with flower that reads "I'm pretty" - Carters 9 mos
DKNY Jeans - size 12 mos
Purple socks - Carters 3 - 12 mos
Hat - handmade by Great Gram Rose

Father and daughter in the yard this morning...

BONUS weekend photo (to make up for my slacking off this week)

Caroline models the complete knit set of hat, gloves, and scarf that she wore to keep toasty while we raked. She loved the mittens! They stayed on great! *note the lip sucking in*


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