In the Parent Groove

I had aspirations for a lovely weekend recap today, but unfortunately we ended up getting home much later than we had anticipated and Caroline has just fallen asleep.

We had a great weekend up in the Boston area, enjoyed ourselves at Comics Come Home with The McShinos and Ablennys, and even fit in a holiday themed "photo shoot" for Caroline. Still no bear photos for Month 10 - yikes - I will get on that tomorrow. I am just realizing that a holiday themed "photo shoot" with the bear would be cute, but we are quite pleased with the results thanks to Kiki and her amazing camera (& 5 adults waving their arms and clapping like mad).

We should have been home at 5:30, but we hit some traffic on the Merritt, which we later discovered to be a tunnel closure. I am quite afraid of this tunnel already, so this did nothing to make me feel any better about it. The thought of sitting in traffic through the tunnel had me practically breaking out in hives, but all traffic was ordered to cross the median and TURN AROUND just before the tunnel entrance, so we had to find out way home on back roads without even a map. When we arrived home, things were calm, strangely calm. Caroline was awake and and the ride home was far from over, but we just snapped into action; Mom into the backseat, some bread pieces, a bottle, some cheese, peek a boo action. We had her on the floor playing and crawling since we got home and I guess we did a good job tuckering her out because she fell asleep with little effort.

While I would love to give you a sneak peak of the holiday photo shoot, I think we're going to keep the results under wraps for now, so sorry, no photo today.


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