Introducing Caroline's newest friend, Junior

It brings me great pleasure and joy to (FINALLY!) share that Tasha & Tony are expecting their first baby, whom they are calling Junior, on or about May 5th, 2008.

Sharing motherhood with the girl you literally grew up with, the one you consider the most special on the planet, the one who can always make you laugh/cry, the one who knows you inside out despite the miles that seperate, well, that must be the most special part of friendship. When she called to tell me the news so very long ago my eyes pooled over and a single tear of happiness slid down my cheek. This tear was not salty, but perfectly sweet. You see, we all know how special a baby is, how much more beautiful life is, but experiencing it first hand and knowing that soon enough your most favorite person will understand your joys, the love so great it almost hurts your heart; that is a special moment.

Junior is so incredibly fortunate to be entering this world with two of the most wonderful people on the planet to guide him/her. I cannot wait to meet this little person, to explain to them how much I adore his/her parents. Mostly though, I cannot wait for Caroline and Junior to play and for Tasha and I to enjoy the ups and downs of motherhood together. For our children to know that friends can be friends even when they don't talk everyday or see each other more than a handful of times a year, but to understand that real friendship is within the heart, well that's pretty much darn priceless...

I just got word that they heard the "sweetest noise," Junior's precious heartbeat.



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