It's November and you know what that means...

It's the kick off for National Blog Posting Month - NABLOPOMO!

We've been thinking about a theme of some sort to tie together these daily entries.

Perhaps you are aware of a Flickr Pool called The Working Closet where women submit photos of what they are wearing to work each day.

Our committment for the month of November is a variation on that. Each day check here for a unique can't see it anywhere else (ie the Picasa album) photo of what our Sweet Caroline is wearing each weekday and on weekends when we're at home. Kind of tough to complete this challenge on the road, but never fear! On those days you will still be seeing unique photos of other aspects of Caroline and her McFamily's life.

Today Caroline is off to school and as she appears to be on the mend from her ear infection, she wanted to make a splash in class with this little pink warm up suit and onesie. She calls it fashionable comfort.

Suit - Carters - size 9 mos
Onesie with chocolate brown heart detailing - Carters - size 9 mos
Shoes - No outfit is complete without her trademark Roobeez - size 6-12 mos

Additional bonus blurb: A trick or treat family recognized us last night when they knocked on our door, or should I clarify and say they recognized Caroline. The Mom told us that she knew we went to their school because she always sees Caroline at drop off and thinks "HOW CUTE IS SHE?!" Thanks Mom from School. We think she's pretty cute too.


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