This morning Caroline is off and running, much more sure of her motions, and moving at alarming speeds. I have managed to catch some of it on video, which we will try to post later this week. She also has spontaneously become interested in opening drawers and cabinets and just about everything else. The world is her exploratory oyster!

May God have mercy on poor Reese, who already today has been chased no less than 3 times. To her credit, she knows to get out of the way, not for fear of Caroline, but for fear of what I would do to her if she even so much as meows in Caroline's direction. Reese's world is forever altered.

I have my bereavement group again this week, due to the Veteran's Day holiday next Monday. So we have a full plate of grocery shopping, group facilitating, and dinner prep ahead of us.

Here she is at play, moving so quickly that the camera can't keep up with her.

Adorable velour suit and matching onesie - Baby Gap - 6-12 mos


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