Meet the Sucktaculars

Across the way is a little farmhouse. The Sucktacular family that lives there have three children (only one of whom I can say for sure is actually sucktacular herself) and perhaps an older gentleman (we aren't sure) living with them. They moved in the same exact weekend we did. Their middle child, a preteen girl (the sucktacular one)is often heard swearing at a. her younger sister b. her mother c. everyone and often is a participant in both screaming matches and hunts for their kitten outside in pajamas, a fun family activity? The older gentleman is always coming and going and sitting outside and lurking and it's just plain strange. The Sucktaculars even put furniture on their lawn and on their porch with for sale signs. When no one comes knocking for it they cover it with a tarp. We along with our neighbors conspired to purchase the sofa just to get it off the porch. (To my delight it is finally gone now, after weeks!)

Our good neighbors from last week and Operation Squirrel Rescue discussed what we should do with the sad little squirrel. Mr. Neighbor suggested that we provide said rodent to the Sucktaculars because they might enjoy it for dinner. It's actually not so far fetched people.

I hate that feeling that you are being watched. I have that feeling anytime I walk outside and it is because the sucktaculars are ALWAYS watching. You either see them looking back or you see the curtains swinging closed when you look up from whatever outdoors activity you are engaged in. The Good Neighbors said they were worked up into a frenzy watching people pull up to the house for the christening. When fire trucks came screaming up the street and pulled into a side road it was negative 2 seconds before the wife was outside hands on hip surverying the situation - BAREFOOT. (I know this because I was bringing out the trash at the time - ahem) Examples of other outdoor activity might include trimming the hedges, getting the mail, or even raking the leaves.

Speaking of leaves, please convince me that these leaves will not be as they are in Spring? Most of them are blowing onto our side of the street, and by our side of the street, you know I must mean our lawn. There is at least one member of our family who hates raking leaves and makes their feelings well known.

Yesterday there were preteens all over the neighborhood raking up their front lawns. The sucktaculars arrived home and the littlest one asked her mother if they should rake. HOLD THE PRESSES! A preteen asking about physical labor to assist her family??? I kid you not. Sucktacular Mom's sucktacular reply, "Nah."

(**Since I first wrote this post the leaves were raked into a sort-of kind-of pile in the street, not sure what they think will happen to them from there. I wonder if my obvious phototaking had something to do with this?**)

To top it all off they did the MOST SUCKTACULAR thing to date Halloween night. Trick or treat was in full blast and we looked across the way to see that their lights were out and they were I suppose "not open for business." Refer back to that photo above - their porch light HAD been on earlier, which means they absolutely turned it OFF. Yet did Sucktacular teen and her little sister participate in the age old trick or treat. OH, but of course. How freaking Sucktacular are these people???

I am seriously considering reporting them here.


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