Mere moments from kitty kibble

Now that I am not at home clearing a safe path for our very own little miniature Godzilla, I can tell you all about swimming and how very close Caroline longs to be to our poor kitty Reese.

Swimming was so much fun. It required a bit more prep than I was prepared for ie bathing suits for both of us, towels, warm clothes to drive home in, but once we got there she went right into the pool with me and she smiled the entire class. She went under a few times, there was limited coughing, and she did really well. We sang songs, did the hokey pokey, chased toys around, floated on our backs, rode on a foam duck with all our friends, and started to learn how to do the crab walk along the side of the pool. We really love Gwynne, the instructor, who was so patient and kind. She explained not only how to do the exercises, but also how they related to water safety.

Now getting out of the pool and home proved to be just as interesting as getting out of the house, if not more so. Rinsing both of us off, changing her out of her suit into dry warm clothes, getting out of my own wet suit, but we did it! I felt so bad for Michael's Mom who had to wear her wet suit under her jeans for the ride home.

We also learned at class that Ellen and her family are moving to Ohio at the end of the month. Ellen's Dad just got a job out there and much like we did in spring of 2006, the family is picking up and relocating for brighter horizons. We are sad because Denise and Ellen are two of our absolute favorites. We'll see her each week until the move though at swim class.

Crawling forwards may have taken some time to figure out, but Caroline may have just been waiting to execute it perfectly because she certainly does not waste time once her knees touch the floor. She is off at amazing speeds to reach anything across the room that looks shiny or dangerous. Yesterday alone she opened nightstand drawers (probably a skill that she transferred over from pulling the computer keyboard tray out?), discovered the phone cord by the computer (which is fun to pull, gotta relocate that asap), and attempted to open the door to the entertainment stand (studying the glass was just as fun, "wait, I can see the DVDs, but when I try to touch them something stops me"). It also appears that her father's love of shoes has been passed to the next generation because she carefully picked up any and all shoes she could find for closer examination & she wanted to look at the pair, not just one.

Grocery shopping ends with grocery putting away. So I sat her on the floor on her playmat with some toys while I emptied the bags. I looked at her. She was happily playing with a new box of Gladware. I turned my back and changed the trash. This must have taken all of one minute. I look back. Caroline is at Reese's food bowl with kitty kibble in her fingers and headed toward her gaping mouth. I yelled "Caroline, No!" I scared her. I didn't mean to, but for the love of GOD! She dropped the food, I checked her mouth, and there were tears. Poor Reese. I suppose we will have to relocate her dish down to the basement. The last thing I want is my baby choking on a piece of tuna flavored IAMS. Why had I not considered the pet food in my babyproofing???

Speaking of Reese, she has become more tolerant of Caroline. She will come and sit by us if I call her over and allow Caroline to be close to her. She does not like it when Caroline makes her I am soooo happy noises. I help Caroline pet her a bit, showing her how to stroke her back gently. Caroline has been spotted grabbing fistfuls of the cat's fur, but the cat doesn't react, she just waits for us to rescue her. We try very hard to keep their little meet and greet sessions closely monitored, but now that she is mobile Caroline is ALL about getting the cat. On Sunday when we got home and put Caroline on the floor to play, Reese came to sit by me for some attention and Caroline was hot on my heals. If cat's could talk her eyes said to me, "Are you kidding me, this thing can move now?" If she even catches sight of the cat, POOF, she is off and poor Reese is left looking at us like "WHY ME!?!" She lets Caroline get close (especially if she is happily situated in a sunny spot), but only so close and then she takes off. Don't ever say cats aren't smart.

It's only the second week and I already forgot to snap a "what's Caroline wearing?" pic this morning as she was leaving the house. Rest assured that she looked adorable. I will try to take one when she gets home this afternoon, which I am quite certain will happen as it is crock pot day down here and we currently have a roast slow cooking itself to juicy tenderness. YUM! So during the time that I might otherwise be preparing dinner, I will take some photos, perhaps with the bear too because WOW it's also time to start that Tenth Month photo album. EEK! I think I am in denial.

Here is a beautiful photo taken this weekend by Kiki.

Pajamas - The Children's Place, Pink Sea/Beach Print, size 6-9 months

And for the record - her outfit for school today, courtesy of Auntie k - don't worry - we'll post it!!

Pink Carter's onesie- 9 months
Pink Carter's pants - 9 months
Coordinating short sleeve thermal polo - 9 months
Adorable pink floral print thermal hoodie - 9 months
Ubiquitous Robeez - 6-12 months

She was looking cute, but Dad reports that there were tears this morning at drop off and he had trouble leaving her. She didn't want to go to Sarah, she just wanted her Daddy.

Teeth? They may finally be making an appearance. There has been more drool, more hand chewing, and more lip sucking in than ever.


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