Miss Independent

I had such a blissful relaxing morning today. Caroline woke up and put herself back to sleep for an hour. She was on her way back to sleep again when Steve went to pick her up at quarter to 7. I didn't have to shower the night before so I was able to relax and enjoy my morning a bit, linger over Today for an extra five minutes. It wasn't until I got my little outlook reminder about this post that I realized I had AGAIN forgotten the photo. yikes. NO wonder it was so restful?!

Today is Thursday and Steve and I are looking forward to a relaxing family weekend at home. We have to rake the leaves again (booo!) and for the record that pile the sucktaculars raked into the street remains, though it is far smaller as many of those leaves have blown across the street, joy. I would like to at least begin the Thanksgiving packing process too, though I have noticed that as Caroline gets older (or her mother becomes less neurotic?) we are packing less and less. I am even mulling around the idea of buying her food up in MA on Wednesday to save packing space, but that would require a trip to the store the day before Thanksgiving and I don't think I am that brave.

We have swimming tomorrow morning and it will be Ellen's last class before she and her family move to Ohio/Pittsburgh. While I wouldn't say that it is like having your best friend move away, Denise has been so incredibly supportive and such a calming influence on me since we moved here. She has such a gentle way about her and she is so good with her daughter. We are going to miss them!

I simply cannot get over Thanksgiving being next week already? I can barely remember what it was like last year to be planning our travels home sans Caroline (Caroline by proxy maybe?). Life is so very different now and we have so many things to be thankful for this year. The most exciting thing to me is that she will be able to eat most of the meal! This week we moved light years ahead in eating. Caroline likes to feed herself everything. We successfully had meals of tiny peas and carrots, sweet potato dices with cinnamon, and tonight we are trying a toasted cheese sandwich with meat and veggies cut up into tiny itty bitty Caro sized pieces of course. Miss Independent, just like her mommy.


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