Nine Month stats

It's already been a busy Friday. Caroline had her nine month check-up this morning. Her ears are almost cleared up, so we just have to go back in two weeks to be certain. I shared all the great things that she has been doing and all the new foods she is eating. The pediatrician warned me not to be too surprised when she starts cruising furniture soon.

...weighs 17 pounds 1.5 oz (up from 14 pounds 1.5 oz in August)
... is 27 3/4 inches (up from 26 1/2 in August)
... has a head circumference of 17 3/4 (up from 17 in August)

She's growing, though thankfully not out of her car seat anytime soon. PHEW!
We did have the pleasure of a Hep B vaccine and a flu shot, but I gave her tylenol after and she seems to be doing just fine. A quick nap when we got home (I had to gently wake her) and then we were off to swim class number 2! I took some photos, but forgot I had the camera until they were all out of the pool.

Oh well...

Here is Caroline ready to hit the water. (see her red knee? that's from crawling!)
BabyGap Bathing Suit - size 6-12 mos

And her swim friends, L-R Aaron, Ellen, Caro, Michael


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