Playing with the enemy

This morning was a bit chaotic. Steve had to be in early because the boss of his boss (follow that?) was going to be in his branch office for the day. So he was up and out just after 7 which left me to get both myself and baby girl Caro out the door. She was still sleeping when I went in to get her just before 7 and I hated waking her, but we had to get a move on. So no photo today courtesy of chaos.

We were a bit late, not too bad. She was at school by 8:15 and I even remembered to give her the new antibiotic for her ears. When I put Caroline down on the floor she moseyed on over to the bookcase where she began pulling bins of toys out. I handed off her bag and hung up her coat and when I turned around what did I see but Hannah crawling over to Caroline. A toddler Gianni had made her way to Caroline too and was touching her hair gently in a sweet kind of way. Michelle asked Gianni to "please leave Caroline alone. Let them play together." Them? Did she mean Hannah?? Yes, yes she did. Caroline and Hannah were up to their elbows in blocks. Hannah reached out to touch Caroline and our Caro swatted her hand away. "YES!" I exclaimed, but only in my head. I watched for a moment more and the two of them seemed to be getting along fine, playing with blocks, clapping them together, smiling. No wonder we keep getting sick. Caroline has befriended the enemy.


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