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When I dropped Caroline off at school this morning it felt like it had been weeks that she had been away and not just 6 days. She remembered Sarah though and went right into her arms. I warned Sarah about all Caroline's new dangerous tricks; pulling to stand, letting go once she is standing only to topple over, and bouncing up and down while seated which has resulted in a few head bumps already. I also shared that she is now waving and pointing. On Sunday night at dinner she pointed to her cup when she wanted it. She pointed to her cup... she communicated with us?!?

I keep using the sign language at meals and playtime. So far no signs from her, but she seems to understand simple things like more. If she is slowing down or starting to resist the spoon, I sign and say more and she will open right up for another bite.

Speaking of eating... Caroline's Nana taught her how to feed other people Cheerios. It is so sweet. If you open your mouth and ask for a cheerio she will put it right up to your mouth. I love it because I get to chew on her delicious little fingers too.

She understands "no", but when you say it she giggles and does whatever we said "no" to again. She loves the cause and effect and the reaction she gets. I try to redirect her whenever possible, but she really enjoys digging her nails into your face and neck, which hurts and I think deserves a "no." If you happen to say "no" with conviction she gets upset and cries. Yesterday she pulled the phone in the office down by pulling the cord. No sooner than I had put it back and was trying to redirect her than she pulled it down again. I said no, moved her away and put the phone back (this time in a more babyproofed way) and she cried, crawled over to me, pulled my pant leg and put her arms up to be picked up. This discipline thing is tough. She is too little to get it, but we keep working on the redirection with an explanation. "That cord is not a toy, here why don't we play with this box instead?"

A note on something special:

Seeing expectant parents Jesse and Amy at the tailgate on Saturday was so strange, knowing that they are exactly where we were last year. It does not seem possible that Caroline has almost been outside as long as she was cooking in my belly. I can recall how fast things started to go after Thanksgiving last year. A warning to you both, it won't be long. I know it feels like forever and a day away now, but February is just around the corner and life as you know it will never be the same again. I mean that in a good way of course. This parenthood thing just cannot be explained. We are so happy for you both as you start this new chapter. This last paragraph you are trying to get through now is full of heartburn, insomnia, and discomfort, but it ends with a bright new beautiful beginning for your FAMILY. What a lucky boy to have you in his life, to watch over him, and help him learn & grow. I find myself thinking of you more and more these days as we countdown to Caroline's First Birthday. Amy, you cannot be "done" yet. You still have a ways to go. Think of it the way I did; guilt free holiday calories. Just try not to schedule an appointment for just after Christmas the way I did. The scale went up to an alarming number.

Here's Caroline this morning. I chose this photo because it is so representative of how non-stop she is these days. Check out the tongue too. It is constantly moving now as she learns new noises and also when she concentrates (just like her Dad, Uncle Brett, and Papa).

Pink Pants - Carter's 9 mos
Pink Onesie - Carter's 9 mos
Pink thermal polo - Carter's 9 mos
Cute matching thermal hoodie - Carter's 9 mos
Socks - Carters


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