Rashy little mug and the "nasty rash"

Yesterday's outfit photo has been posted within the entry from yesterday. Caroline was crawling around the living room chasing Reese and playing with the Descenza bag - perhaps another sign that she will adore pretty things?

A rough day was reported by Michelle. Nothing they tried, even holding her, would calm her or make her happy. She slept for all of 25 minutes the entire day. She did eat some of her food, but only had two bottles. She conked out almost as soon as she got in the car with Steve to head home and she slept almost all the way through our crock pot roast dinner. Thank God I slow cooked yesterday.

It was a brief snooze. I fed her and noticed some red spots on her face. A quick once over revealed that they were all over her face, on her hands, and arms. She needed a diaper change anyway, so I was able to get a look at her legs and I gasped. Her legs were covered in red raised bumps. It looked painful! My new mom brain was whirring. Was this a reaction to the ear medication? 7 days after she started? a virus? something worse? I called the pediatrician and they quickly informed me that they would be seeing us at 8pm.

Some mealtime trickery got her to indulge in some sweet potatoes and butternut squash by alternating with cheese. She took a quick tub, got her into her warmest pjs and we headed out the door at 7:30 hoping they might see us earlier than 8. She was all smiles and sugar at the doctor's office and weighed 16 pounds 13 oz. We had to get her down to her diaper anyway and Steve wasted no time getting her on the scale while we waited for the doc. The cutest moment was when we wrapped her up in a blanket and she caught sight of an Anne Geddes print of several babies in flower pots. She loved it! Clapping and squealing.

"Nasty." The Doc took one look at her rash and declared it to be "nasty ." Ultimately he decided that it was related to the medication and that as her ear infection is almost gone, we should discontinue the meds and the ear and rash should both clear up in a few days. We have our 9-month appointment on Friday, so it will get a second look if it is still hanging around. The good news is that he does not think she is allergic to the medication, so there is no real danger. Some of the information I read this morning says to continue taking the meds, but I will stick to his plan until advised otherwise.

So, it was an exciting evening for the McFamily. Luckily she got right to sleep so her parents could eat
these delights.

Pop, Pop, Pop. Steve claims that a series of firecrackers went off on our street last night at around midnight and that our neighbor, the one with the confederate flag on his truck, took off down the street in hot pursuit moments later. I believe he used the word "screeched" out of his driveway? My first question was - how? How was he woken from sleep and in his truck that quickly? Who knows? Maybe he wasn't asleep - I wouldn't doubt it. He spends a great deal of time at night (late into the night) out in his garage. Steve also reports that it sounded like the police were called as he heard additional cars pull up and there was some sort of discussion. How I slept through this I cannot explain, except that I think I am finally catching this never ending cold Caroline has been carrying and I am exhausted.

Change of plans. I don't usually bring Caroline to school on Wednesdays, but I did today in light of early meetings with the big cheeses at Steve's office. Of course I choose today to be chic in black. I learned too late that a crawling child is like a dust mop after she deposited a rather large collection of my hair and several sad dust bunnies on my shirt and pants. booo.

Today Mommy is wearing:

Black Laundry pants - my favs
Black "Empire" Bitten T
Grey/Black bracelet length blazer with funky interior print

Caroline is dressed "sick comfy cozy" today.

Carters pink swiss dot onesie - size 9 months
Carters roly poly pink pants - size 9 months
Children's Place blue, pink, white hoodie - size 6-9 months
Carter's polka dot socks - 6-12 months
Robeez (not pictured)

I call this expression, "please Mom, no more photos of my rashy little mug."


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