A sad little photo free post

Ok, don't throw tomatoes at me or frozen turkeys... there is no photo today.

(how many people stopped reading?)

I had an early breakfast meeting (I had to dress up a bit, do my hair, wear makeup and I had to shower the night before, which is supposed to save time, but somehow never does) and I saw the camera on my way out this morning when there was negative time left to snap and download the photo. Rest assured that she was adorably dressed for school by her father.

If I am able to I will post one later tonight when we get home.

We received the proofs from her preschool photo session last week. Initially we kind of said ehhh, these are good, but we have cuter photos of her and sort of tossed the order form to the side. Then I took a second look and decided that it really is a sweet photo and we should at least order some wallets for family. So that's what we did. The photo it turns out might not be cute enough for an 8x10, but definitely worthy of our wallets. So family, stay tuned and make some room...

Caroline bumped her head at school yesterday on a bookcase. When I picked her up she was sporting a bump over her right eye. They told her before I even saw her, which while I was upset about the bump, put me at ease. They were aware. They were not hiding it. They wanted me to know. It was gone by morning. Exploring babies are going to hit their heads and I know that there is just as good a chance of her hitting her head at home as there is at school. In fact, earlier this week she nailed her head on her piano while I was inches away from her.

Caroline slept until almost 7 am today, later than the alarm clock!!! I heard her get up at 5:30. She played with her little giraffe blanket animal and then rolled the pieces of the aquarium around for a bit before she must have laid back down and returned to baby dream land. I have never felt so rested. She also put herself to sleep last night with minimal fussing. Caroline is growing up.

My breakfast meeting went well. I was able to network and gorge myself on french toast. On my way out I met up with a lawyer I have done some work with down here and he was asking how we like living in our town (he used to be the town lawyer) and where in town we live. As soon as I named the area a woman waiting for the elevator with us asked me how I liked the neighborhood because she was looking at a house around there. The house turned out to be on the street behind us. I went on and on about how much we like the neighborhood, the convenience of it, and how nice the neighbors are (with the exception of the sucktaculars of course, but she won't likely meet them). I jumped off the elevator and as I walked to the car I realized that I hadn't just been nice, I had been genuine. We really like our hood. We like the neighbors (again, generally speaking!). Our family is happy here. Sometimes you catch yourself unaware of just how comfortable you have become and just how content you really are.


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