Terriers - not ALL bad it turns out

Caroline's rash was still pretty fierce last night and made me want to kiss every square inch of her poor red skin. I got a taste of single momdom too. Steve had the opportunity to have dinner with some higher ups and I of course encouraged him to go, but that meant Caroline and I were on our own until almost bedtime. She played on the kitchen floor for a bit while I made dinner, but it wasn't long before she had crawled over to my feet and was pulling on my leg to be picked up. Though I was busy making my own chop suey dinner (with turkey and whole grain pasta), how could I not stop and pick her up. It was the first time she has done that and it was simply adorable. There is something so sweet about your baby wanting you.

I finally smartened up and brought several dinner options to the table for her. I used a dinner plate to arrange the warmed up greens beans and rice, sweet potato/chicken, applesauce, cheerios, cheese, and kiwi. (Don't worry she didn't eat all of it, just a little of everything) I don't know what was different last night, but as my own dinner cooled in front of me, she chowed down on some of this and then some of that and then back to this and round and round. Caroline likes variety apparently, so my dinner plate plan worked perfectly. I scarfed my own meal, rolled her into the kitchen, did a quick clean up and then gave her a partial milk feeding. There were tears during the clean up process of course, but overall I was so impressed with us. When I spoke to my Mom later that night I asked her how she had done it?! My Dad worked nights so she was on her own to do dinner and bedtime. HOW?

The rash appears to be on its way out. This morning when I got her dressd her skin was less red and the red spots are not nearly as raised as they used to be. Thank goodness!!

The McFamily is headed up to Boston this weekend for Comics Come Home. We are excited for a night out, but there was a small part of me freaking out about pumping. There is absolutely no way I could go from 4- whenever without at least one pumping session. So I called up Agganis and asked the question that all nursing moms fear asking, "Hi, I am a nursing mom, do you have any arrangements set up for pumping?" I got transferred to Brandon McCormick (on my good list FOREVER). He told me that there was no problem taking the pump in, regardless of size, but that they requested I do not use it in the general assembly. He didn't skip a beat in informing me that they have a private room behind Guest Services (section 102 in case you wanted to know) that has AN OUTLET! If I could have hugged him through the phone I would have. Can you believe it!?!?! So we all know how we collectively feel about BU, but I have to give them some serious credit for this. What a relief!

Your Caro photo of the day taken this morning, mid clap~

Brown cords - The Children's Place - size too small (6-9 mos)
Striped onesie - Carters - size 9 mos
Green top - The Children's Place - size 9 mos (I love her in green!)

Don't worry she also wore socks, her shoes (that have been marked as hers with the most adorable stickers in the world!), and a coat to school today. It was mighty chilly round these parts this morning.


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