there was turkey

Caroline enjoyed her very first Thanksgiving yesterday with her Nana and Granda. Her Uncle Brett even made a super secret guest appearance for dinner. She handled herself pretty well for most of the day, but sadly when it came time to sit for dinner she was getting a bit tired and wasn't very interested in eating her turkey or potatoes. My parents had a full house and there was so much to see. It must have been very overwhelming for her, but she really was terrific! Her Great Uncle Rob thinks she called him by name - "ra ra."

This morning we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast before we hit the road to come East to spend some time with Steve's family.

We are off to an early start in the morning to cheer on the Eagles! We saw a car with Pennsylvania plates and a Hurricanes hat on our drive East this afternoon. Steve wouldn't pass them so I could boo them =(

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday!


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