Up to his elbows = cash prize?

I am not sure how many readers of this blog check out those other links listed there on the left. You should for sure be reading Run, Kerry. Run. and feeling inspired by an amazing talented woman and perhaps even be feeling rather inclined to support her cause and little Jayla. Perhaps. If you're already inspired and want to support her big run get ye self here . So go read and get get inspired, but then also check out mysocalledweddedlife and laugh until your cheeks hurt. The video she posted over there made me cry I laughed so hard. Just one more service I like to provide, inspiration and laughing tears.

Caroline slept in again this morning. Of course she did, her ears are finally getting better. The medicine necessitated two wardrobe changes yesterday at school, one of which occurred at the end of the day and poor Mr. Eric (you remember him, the one who applied ice and gave lots of hugs) had to carefully navigate onesie removal while avoiding a common infant ailment, "poop in hair." He did splendidly. While he did that Sarah and I sifted through Caroline's extra clothes bin and discovered that all the extras they had in stock were way out of date. We uncovered teeny tiny baby Caroline onesies and way to tight to go home in pants. So we cleared that all out and I sent her this morning with a fresh supply of correctly sized winter extras. All this did make me terribly late for my haircut.

This is the first time I think in my life that I have maintained a bimonthly haircare appointment. There ain't no color in these tresses and I finally understand what my mother used to say about appreciating my hair color for what it is. When I find those greys, which isn't too difficult considering how dark my hair is, I rid my scalp of them immediately and I am now dreading the day when I will have to get my hair colored. Maybe I won't? Who knows. For now I will try to just appreciate it for how it is au naturale. WHOA! Tangent much!?

Anyway - so seeing as how I was nearly 15 minutes late thanks to medicine that causes poop emergencies - I was feeling quite frazzled when I got there and when she asked what I wanted to do, my answer was "let's jazz it up." I am happy to report that I feel quite jazzy today. My hair just looks a bit more polished, a bit less mommyish, and a bit spunkier and I am all for spunkier because hey, I can be spitfire can't I?

We have been living in a weird place these last couple days with respect to weekend plans. First Steve had a meeting in MA on Friday, so we made plans to go up on Thursday night as a family and stay over so he could go to his meetings and then we can take off for the Cape to celebrate the Albenny news. YAY! Then the meeting got cancelled, so we were just going to go up on Friday night. Then his boss rescheduled the meeting and we were going up on Thursday. Then we realized we had a prepaid swim class on Friday. So Steve was going up tonight and Caroline and I would follow after swim. Then two of the Moms sent sad "we're all sick messages" to the instructor and we cancelled the class. So yesterday night after I got home from my salon appointment, we packed Caroline up for a weekend away and got ourselves together to drive up to MA tonight right after work. AHH. Luckily we are getting very good at this packing for a weekend thing. I also thankfully located Caroline's one piece "I am so toasty warm in here" get up that we SHOULD have had last weekend, so she will be nice and roasty toasty at the Christmas parade in Falmouth this weekend.

Who is going to freak out when she sees the Christmas Parade? Caroline! She LOVES all the decorations and I was so sad that the tree lighting didn't happen until just before 9pm for the Rockefeller Tree last night because she would have loved to see it. We'll see it in person sometime this season and I am sure there will be delighted little squeals and lots of pointing and man if that doesn't make my Christmas...

Erin sent a note about how sad she is that a post a day everyday is coming to an end. I am both relieved and sad because it has been a good writing exercise to post each day, but I am hoping for infinitely more interesting material once my once a day requirement is over. Did I mention before that there are prizes? Oh yes, there are prizes. I had no idea when I signed up, but if you participate your blog is put into a lottery for one of many fun interesting prizes and who doesn't LOVE prizes???

I need your commenting help with this. We obviously want to do something for Sarah and Michelle for Christmas. We were thinking of a cash gift (how much???) and a spoil yourself something like a Philosophy product or something. Sound good? Recently I have noticed that Caroline and Mr. Eric are best buds and he is often in the classroom with Caroline. Sarah and Michelle both tell me that Caroline loves Mr. Eric and when he is with her he holds her all the time. ahhhh. So what do I do about Mr. Eric? Should I give him a smaller cash gift? Nothing? I asked yesterday whilst he was up to his elbows in poop if he is in the room now and Sarah said that he has been with her a lot lately and mostly because of Caroline. Opinions needed!


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