Welcome home!

We made it home and besides one sad little girl a little more than halfway home, there were no issues on the road. (Not even traffic at 84!)

It was tough to arrive home to a yard full of leaves. The big tree out front decided to expel all its leaves while we were away. Nothing says WELCOME HOME like a blanket of yellow leaves.

The good neighbors shared a sucktacular story with us. Apparently the neighbor on the other side of them put a vanity out by the curb and no sooner than he had deposited there then Mr. Sucktacular was right there hauling it away. I asked how long we think it will be before it is by the Sucktaculars curb with a for sale sign on it.

We got some nice shots of Caroline amongst the leaves while we raked and raked and raked, but one ended up in her mouth and that was the end of that.

Quick post today so that I can enjoy the rest of this fall holiday weekend day with my fam.

Hope you all had a safe and happy holiday!!!


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