Bye Bye Daddy

This morning when Steve dropped Caroline off at school he waved to her and she waved back. Sara (I just learned that there is indeed no h, whoops) was so impressed that she asked him to wave again, but this particular trick apparently fell into the "I only do that once" category.


Her pretty little Christmas dress arrived yesterday via UPS and we couldn't help but try it on. We aren't spoiling anything by posting photos of her wearing it I hope? She loved the skirt and at one time pulled it up almost over her head. Crawling in a skirt was a bit challenging, but when you have a pretty velvet bow on your tush no one notices the crawling handicaps, right? So check out her 10 month photos with the bear and the Christmas dress and also the naked baby photos too. What is with her tongue?

She has this new thing where she is like Gene Simmons, sticking her pointy little tongue out constantly. It isn't hard to capture on film because she seems to always be doing it. It is almost more difficult to get a non-tongue photo.

When I arrived home yesterday afternoon something seemed amiss with the house. I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but there was something not quite the same. When I opened the storm door it hit me literally in the nose. A beautiful holiday wreath was hanging up with a big red bow and the smell and prickly evergreen branches delighted my senses. Who could have put this here I thought ripping open the card glancing from left to right?

Our realtor, the one who worked with us for months and months and months, had left it for us.
How nice is that???

Now I am seriously DYING to get the holiday tree!! We need some more Christmas Spirit around here. Besides, Caroline needs something else to point at.


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