The Curtain

This post has taken me awhile to sort out in my head.

Auntie k and I were up WAY past my bedtime on Friday night chatting about blogging, or to be more specific, a particular blog we both read. Without getting into all the details of our discussion, the crux of it is that we wonder about the real life happening behind the blog.

This blog is like a marquee for our life:

"McCashew starring Caroline with guest appearances by Kerri and Steve, special guests stars Kiki, Nana, Poppa, Granda, Auntie k, Auntie C, Uncle Hokie, the Sucktaculars, the good neighbors, swim friends, Ryan, and Hannah. In this episode: The girl stands alone!"

The blog is the curtain, behind which the rest of our real life exists. Our real life is where we make dinner and eat together as a family at the table, where Caroline has a bath and the rest of the night is left for Steve and I to fill in with Patriots games, glasses of wines, how I met your mother, couch cuddling, knitting (that's a Kerri only activity), texting with our secret lovers (that's a Steve only activity), kitty petting, US Weekly and Money reading. The curtain is thick and blocks out the parts of our life that are just for us; the Tuesday mornings that are THANK GOD getting easier which used to force me to skip breakfast and snap at even the cat, the pick-up drop off negotiations, the 30 or more amazing minutes a morning we spend in bed with Caroline after her breakfast, the eye rolling when we disagree or mostly when I become super dramatic Kerri, the medicine giving (which I totally forgot until this moment, AH!). That is just the tip of the iceberg, an iceberg kept safely and neatly behind that nice thick red (in my head it's red) curtain.

That brings me back to the real life happening behind this particular blog. It is a real life that does not seem to exist outside of the blog. There does not seem to be a curtain. There does not seem to be any topic off limits and while I imagine that might be quite freeing, there are just some things that seem like they would be better off kept private. On more than one occasion I have seen this blog used as a weapon against the writer's spouse and not necessarily in a just joking kind of way. This writer scarily seems to require the support of her readers to cope with life. She seems to need strangers to compliment her, to fulfill her. She on many occasions committed her own cardinal blogging sin and left the readers with a cliff hanger somewhere in her post. As auntie k said, it is all so transparent. I cannot help but wonder if there is actually anything more in her life happening behind her written words.

I will admit that I am at times a bit resentful that McCashew serves as a way for people to keep up with what the McFamily is up to. I am sad that people can just log on and see what is happening in our life and that they don't follow through and get in touch. There are some people who do! I have gotten a few emails that read, "I was just catching up on McCashew and.... so here's what we've been up to." I don't think I get enough of those emails.

There might not be more happening behind that other blog's curtain, but there is a whole heck of a lot more happening here.

Something that has been cooking for awhile now behind the curtain that I can now share with the world is that Steve has accepted a new and exciting opportunity within his company. He will be away from us a bit more than we are used to, but Caroline and I are going to work it out! We will have a practice week of mommy only drop offs next week when Steve is away for business. Now he has the great challenge of turning another team around and a whole new side of his industry to master. I know he will be as successful in this position as he was in his previous one, if not more so! So instead of just reading about this monumental change in our life and closing your browser, if you know us in real life, how about that follow-up email? =)

No one deserves it more than you do!


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