Day One sans Steve

Day One without Steve went ok. Jen how do you do it???

Caroline slept in the car on the way home from school per her usual routine. The twist was that because yesterday was Tuesday and her first day back at school, she slept for a mere 30 minutes all day. Her "ride home nap" got extended until after 6 pm! When she stirred, I picked her up from her seat and she collapsed into me and snuggled up to continue her snooze somewhat awake.

Kiki and Poppa & Nana and Granda both called to offer support and adult conversation, which I was quite thankful for.

I took advantage of her extended nap to get dinner going and we were able to eat together without much fuss. She finished all the peas, rice, and apples that I offered, only swatting my hand away at the very end. Dinner cleanup was pretty easy too, though she was desperate to get out of the highchair and crawl around. I was darn desperate too since I knew she had a lot of energy to burn off before the Four Bs of Bedtime (bath, books, bottle, and bed).

Burn off she did. I walked out to the kitchen for about 30 seconds to refill my water glass and noted the suspicious silence that is usually filled with "why did you leave" complaints. Upon my return, I saw that my daughter had finally mastered the tv stand door. Not only had she opened it, but she also retrieved a basket of toys and was busying herself with removing them one by one. When your daughter opens a forbidden door what else is there to do but get the camera right?

Caroline went to sleep without incident. We read "Twas the Night Before Christmas," she rubbed my hands gently, and she was up in her crib by 8:30. I had some trouble falling asleep all by my lonesome.

I set the alarm a bit earlier and got up to get things going before she woke up. I finally went to get her just before 7 and we had a pretty seamless morning. While I got dressed she busied herself with standing up against the cedar chest in our bedroom banging an envelope on it repeatedly and screeching happily. Though we were about 15 minutes late for school, I won't complain. I was just thrilled that we got there without much whining, from either of us.

She has also developed a new way of saying she doesn't want to go in her car seat. She arches her back and locks her legs. Willful I tell you =) It was hard not to chuckle when she locked her knees this morning. I love her spirit...

Tonight should be a bit easier I hope, so long as the naps fall into line the way they usually do on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Steve, we miss you!! There are lots of photos to see in Picasa so you won't feel like you are missing a single second.


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