Day Two Minus Steve

Yesterday also went pretty well, despite the fact that we missed Steve so much.

There was no nap at all on the ride home from school, though she did go down for a big 2 hour nap for Sara and Michelle. So she was wide awake from the moment we got home, which was challenging, but ended up being OK.

Caroline ate just about everything I offered her last night, included some steamed broccoli that she couldn't quite figure out how to chew and swallow. I was so impressed! I guess maybe she is finally past the point of being SO over purees and not quite ready for chunkier foods? HOORAH

She fell asleep before 8 and slept until almost 7.

This morning we woke up to a world reacting to the news of the pending snowstorm. All our area schools preemptively closed for the day and though Caroline's center is open, they were encouraging people who could keep the kids at home to do so. This is because the snow is expected this morning and will make the afternoon commute ridiculous. Not to mention that her school is up a winding hill that makes me knees shake. I had the go ahead from my boss to bring her in and I decided to exercise that option. That way I can stay as long as I can here, email myself some work, and spend the rest of the day weathering out the storm safely at home with Caroline.

Steve is another story I am afraid. He is due to come home this afternoon, during the height of the storm, and he will be traveling through some pretty rough weather to get here. There was some talk of the conference ending early, but the latest reports suggest that may or may not happen. The interior of the state is due to get up to ten inches and we are on the line between six and ten, but either way we are sure to get freezing rain, which will make it all the more exciting. I almost think it would be better for him to try to stay up there and come back in the morning, but I know Steve, and I don't think he will consider that.

We made a stop on our way in this morning to pick up another shovel and some ice melt and I am crossing my fingers that I will be able to park my car in the garage without the assistance of someone telling me which way to turn the wheel and how far to pull in.

Caroline's first real storm...

Get home safe Steve...


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