double digits???

Now back to the fun stuff...

Caroline is ten months old tomorrow. Just typing that stopped my fingers in their tracks.

How is it possible that ten months could go so quickly and be filled with so much joy? It feels like just yesterday that her tiny little fingers held mine for the first time and yet it feels like an eternity away. Our house is filled with her high pitched baby babble and screeching. My ears now recognize the slapping of her hands on the floor as she crawls so I can tell if she is en route or on the run. She understands no. She stops dead in her tracks, looks up at you, and then attempts to do whatever off limits thing she was trying to do again. She is a pointer too, pointing out street lights, light switch plates, leaves, pictures, and pretty much everything ALL accompanied by a little inquisitive sigh of delight. Caroline is strong, willful, smiley, and the bestest "little bubba" on the planet.

She had an exciting weekend. We were up in MA and Caroline got to spend some QT with her Mommy and Kiki on Friday running errands and shopping "The Collection." Kiki had already scouted out the best part of the new wing; the Nordstrom Mother's Room!! Steve and I went to the BC/BU hockey game on Friday night and then headed down to the beach to meet up with Kiki, Poppa, and Auntie k. I doubt it is coincidence that she is more accepting of veggies now that her ears are getting better. Poor Baby. Kiki had some success with STRAIGHT CARROTS on Friday night and since then meals have been easier and more nutritious. Saturday morning we had a delish family breakfast down the road and then we were off to the Cape to officially celebrate the Albenny engagement and mourn the BC loss to VT. Uncle Hokie - we love you, but GO KANSAS!!! =) Caroline got to visit with Marc, Kelly, Sean, Courtney, Christina, Christian AND got a kiss and hug from Baby Christian. It was just too cold to go to the parade on Sunday so we headed back mid morning and had some snow on the way home. Winter has since made her big appearance in the Northeast, but we were spared most of the storm, save some heavy winds.

Life from here to New Year's is sure to be pretty koo koo, but no Colleen, the end of a post a day does not mean I will stop writing.


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