First Step?

Despite the ice storm on Friday afternoon, we still made it out to get our Christmas tree. There are some photos of the tree and trimming in the Picasa link. Just as we suspected, Caroline loves the tree. I have spent some time with her each day standing by the tree, touching the branches, telling her the story of one of the ornaments, and she points and ohhs and ahhs. It's adorable. I have a silly Snoopy ornament that I made when I was really young. It is made of two Styrofoam cups and though it has survived over 25 holiday seasons, it took her about 2 seconds to rip it in half. My father and I just looked at her in disbelief for a few seconds and then just like any good Dad would, he put it back together for me. Catastrophe averted. phew.

Speaking of Dad/Granda, he made a special trip down to spend the day with us on Saturday to see Caroline and supervise the installation of our brand new front door. It has already made such a dramatic change in our heat. We now longer shiver as we go by and it is now impossible for me to sweep dirt out the door without opening it first. Scary right? We think the door was original to the house, but what sounds better for resale? "original front door, what charm!" or "brand new efficient steel door, think of the savings and security!"Special thanks to Nana and Granda for not only suggesting we do this, but for financially supporting operation "new front door" from beginning to end. WOW! Thanks!!! Want to check it out? The photos of the new door are also in the picasa link. The door is made by jeldwen - a style called mission prairie.

Caroline enjoyed some special time with Granda, but she missed Nana who was in NYC on her own mission; finding diamond earrings with a friend. She was also successful, but she missed seeing the baby. You'll see her soon Nana, don't worry.

We also got to see Paul and Erica this weekend at Erica's surprise 30th birthday celebration. We miss them and we hope that we will be able to reconnect again soon! They are expecting their first baby in July and while mom to be looks great, she isn't feeling so wonderful. So feel better soon thoughts headed your way Erica. =) Next year this time, our babies will be getting together and playing?!?

So what's new with Caroline? We feel like she is changing everyday now! She went for her ear recheck and the ear infections both cleared up! HOORAH! While I was waiting for the doc I put her on the baby scale and fully clothed she was 18 pounds 7 oz. I was taken aback looking at the size of her on the tiny baby scale and I instantly flashed back to those first visits when the scale was so huge and she looked so teeny on it. Time has flown and I think she might be in another period of rapid growth because not only is she gaining weight and getting taller, but she is also learning so much. She crawls all over now and her favorite thing to do is to crawl to you from another room, say from the family room to the kitchen or the bedroom to the bathroom. She gets this big grin and huge eyes and makes her way over at an alarming speed. Mainly though what is most entertaining is climbing up on things. She stands at her piano (her most favorite toy!), pulls to standing on Daddy, scales the coffee table and couch and grabs remotes or toys or books off them to play with. Last night she climbed up Steve, stood up and turned to grab the coffee table. She tries to stand by herself and we think she tried her first tentative little step last night too. We stupidly have been encouraging this because she loves to "walk" while you hold her hands up and though you still have to move her a bit, she gets it. We are in trouble.

Steve is away for three days and two nights at a conference. We miss him already. He realized last night while watching Notes from the Underbelly that I have never been alone with Caroline for an overnight. There have been nights when he has been away, but I have always been with either my parents or his. Hurry home Daddy, but drive safely in that snow and ice they are forecasting for Thursday!

OH! I almost forgot! Lest you all worry and anxiously await holiday photos - Caroline DOES in fact have a LONG sleeve lace trimmed black onesie to wear under her pretty dress. =)

Now if only Mommy could figure out her pretty Christmas outfit!


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